Chapter – 21 Can’t Win Me Back

Can’t Win Me Back

by Jean Sparks

“I’d never fall for the same trap twice!” Alyssa thought determinedly.

At that moment, she got messages from the “Taylor Family’s Secret Society.”

Jonah: “Lyse, remember how they exposed the dirt on you yesterday? They’ve been deleted now, including the accounts. Jasper did it.”

Alyssa: “Wow, I’m so grateful to him.”

Axel: “What? Does he think everything’s settled just because they’ve been deleted? Naive.”

Liam: “Too bad the Beckett Group’s stock price only had a small effect this morning.”

Silas: “Lyse, even if we can’t do anything to him right now, we should teach the Gardners a lesson.”

Alyssa: “That’s for sure. I hold grudges, and they must pay.

Alyssa called Sean. “Sean, spare me a moment.”

Sean entered the office promptly. “You called for me, Ms. Alyssa?”

“Have you prepared the materials and evidence as I told you?” Alyssatwirled in her seat with her

arms on the armrest.

“Yes, I have everything ready to hand them over to the related department whenever you want.

“No, there’s no need for the rush.”

The sunlight cast a sheen over Alyssa as she crossed her leg.

“Reach out to the media we have connections with, like Belbanks Media. Give them a hint of

what’s going on, but not all the details. We’ll decide our next step after drawing some attention”

Sean questioned her choice, “Getting the media involved could complicate things. Why not catch the Gardner Group off–guard? Wouldn’t that be better?”

“I have a certain way of doing things. I don’t go for the kill right away. I prefer to crush and torment my prey slowly, letting it bleed out,” Alyssa explained.

She stroked the crystal bracelet her grandfather had given her. Her gaze displayed brutality and—


Most importantly, the Gardner Group would face difficulties after she revealed the incident.

The Gardners‘ father and son weren’t in the position to speak to her. Hence, Liana had only one

way out. She must beg Jasper to save her family.

“Jasper Beckett, I can’t wait to see you getting anxious about your fiancée’s problem.”

During the night when many users were online, a searing exposé was unleashed. It quickly spread online within an hour.

“Breaking News! KS Group Terminates Contract With Gardner Group Due to Serious Quality


“Cutting Corners? Using Inferior Materials? Gardner Group’s Elysian Home Presents Substandard Products.”

The Gardners were completely caught off–guard by the sudden revelation.

Their weak Public Relations Department proved ineffective. They struggled to control the comment section.

They couldn’t delete the negative comments.

“Gardner Group? Isn’t that Jasper’s second fiancée? I can’t believe they let this happen right

before the wedding. Are they trying to set the Becketts up?”

“I thought he found someone rich. She’s just someone selling furniture, an underhanded seller at that!”

“I know it’s not her fault. It was her family, but I’m kinda disappointed.”

“Oh, shit! The new furniture I just ordered is from Elysian Home. I have to return them. What bad luck!”

As Xavier reported the bad news in the study, Jasper felt a headache coming on.

“The Taylor Group holds the prestigious position as the Wibez’s VIP. They lead the way in various industries, standing atop the pyramid. If the Taylor Group chooses to take action against the Gardner Group, other companies will have no choice but to follow suit.”

Xavier’s lips twitched at the corner. There was no empathy in his eyes.

He appeared rather interested in watching how the show would unfold.

“Experts predict the stock price will hit rock bottom tomorrow morning. Fortunately for Gardner Group, it is not a publicly listed company.”

Xavier finished his report.

“Your grandfather has high blood pressure. I’m afraid he might be infuriated by the news…”

Jasper shot him a glare. Xavier stuck out his tongue and kept his mouth shut after.

“It’s just an accusation. There’s no evidence. It might be a baseless rumor.” Jasper sighed heavily. ” What about the quality problem? Where did that come from?”

“I heard the KS World Hotel has a newly appointed female general manager. She took the lead to end all collaboration with Gardner Group. Within a week, all hotels working with KS canceled their contract with Gardner Group.”

“How can a mere general manager have so much power?”

“Because she’s Mr. Taylor’s daughter–Alyssa Taylor.”

The glint in Jasper’s eyes darkened at the mention of the name. It was a stranger’s name, but it somehow sounded familiar to him.

Can’t Win Me Back by Jean Sparks

Status: Ongoing

Author: William Shakespeare

Native Language: English

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