Chapter – 17 Can’t Win Me Back

Can’t Win Me Back

by Jean Sparks

“Bitch, how dare you splash me in the face? Do you know who I am?” Dylan angrily wiped his face and cursed.

“I don’t care who you are. You drugged a woman and tried to force her to drink it. You’re worse than a dog.” Alyssa casually flicked her hair, her eyes filled with seduction.

Dylan was furious, and his rage was reaching its boiling point. How dare this woman insult him?

If it weren’t for the crowd around them, he would have rushed forward and slapped this despicable woman!

At that moment, two bodyguards from the Gardner family caught up. Dylan immediately signaled them to take her away.

She needed a good beating, and Dylan wanted Alyssa to learn her lesson on the bed.

The two burly bodyguards lunged at Alyssa. Even though she was tipsy, her muscle memory allowed her to swiftly dodge their attacks, causing the two bodyguards to stumble.

“Too slow.” Alyssa yawned.

Capture her!” Dylan shouted angrily as he wiped his face.

One of the bodyguards crawled up and reached out to grab Alyssa’s shoulder.

Unexpectedly, at that moment, a tall figure appeared in front of her and firmly grasped the bodyguard’s arm before swiftly flipping him over.

Instantly, the six–foot–tall man was brought down to the ground!

“Impressive skills!” Alyssa blinked, hiccuped, and swayed with her limp body tilting backward.

Suddenly, a powerful grip supported her slender waist. She felt the man’s deep breath brushing against her cheek. It was hot and ticklish.

“Uh… Who are you? Don’t touch me!” Alyssa struggled.

“Alice, open your eyes and look at who I am.”

The voice sounded familiar. It was cold and magnetic yet seductive.

Alyssa’s heart pounded erratically as she slowly raised her gaze, only to meet Jasper’s captivating yet heartless gaze.

Jasper narrowed his eyes.

He stared at her fiery red lips and charming face. If it weren’t for those innocent and pure deer- like eyes, he wouldn’t have been able to recognize her as the Alice he was previously married to for three years.

“Alice White, you’ve grown bolder, haven’t you? Now that you have Jonas‘ support, you’re causing trouble everywhere.”

“Yeah, so what? Do you have a problem with that?”

Alyssa raised her head proudly and said in a slightly playful voice, “Whenever I see someone with

the surname Gardner, I want to beat them up. Do you have any objections? Even if you do, you can’t stop me!”

Jasper couldn’t help but exert more force in the hand supporting her waist as if trying to punish her.

“Ouch… It hurts. Let go of me!”

Alyssa stumbled in his embrace. Due to her anger, she felt even drunker, and her voice sounded even softer and more delicate.

What man could resist her like this?

Jasper’s profound gaze turned a shade darker.

“J–Jasper?” Dylan exclaimed, his face pale with shock.

“Mr. Gardner, what do you mean by that?”

Jasper coldly stared at him. “Furthermore, Lia and I haven’t officially gotten married yet. Do you think it’s appropriate to address me by my first name?”

Dylan was left speechless by the sudden turn of events.

Lia? How disgusting.

Alyssa despised Liana and was equally disgusted with Jasper’s affectionate way of addressing her

After three years of marriage, he had never called her anything other than her full name–not even just by her first name.

The more she thought about it, the more heartbroken she felt. She mustered all her strength to break free from Jasper’s arm. She would rather stand unsteadily and swaying than let this. despicable man touch her.

“Apologize to her,” Jasper commanded with a tone that brooked no argument.

Though his words were directed at Dylan, his gaze never left Alyssa for a moment.

After all, she was pretty drunk.

“It was this crazy woman who came at me out of nowhere and splashed me in the face with her drink. She even launched a personal attack on me! She should be the one apologizing!” Dylan’s face displayed evident defiance.

“Watch your mouth and show some respect.” Jasper’s eyes narrowed sharply. “She’s my ex–wife.”

Can’t Win Me Back by Jean Sparks

Status: Ongoing

Author: William Shakespeare

Native Language: English

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