Chapter – 18 Can’t Win Me Back

Can’t Win Me Back

by Jean Sparks

Dylan was so shocked that his jaw nearly dropped to the ground. So this was Jasper’s secret ex- wife. Honestly, her beauty surpassed that of his sister by a considerable margin. His superficial and ostentatious sister wouldn’t stand a chance against this absolute beauty if it weren’t for her childhood friendship with Jasper.

“Mr. Beckett, even if she’s your ex–wife, that doesn’t justify me apologizing to her!” Dylan refused to back down, unwilling to lose face. “If she apologizes first, I’ll pretend this never happened!”

“Your men might have done something to her if I hadn’t arrived on time.” Jasper’s expression was as cold as ice. “Just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean you’re not at fault. Apologize.”

Dylan trembled inwardly but maintained his defiant stance.

Alyssa’s face flushed as the effects of the alcohol kicked in.

She only heard something about ex–wife and apology, and she thought, “Does this despicable man expect me to apologize? I might as well twist his head off and use it as a ball!”

“Apologizing is too troublesome. In my opinion, we’ll handle it according to my rules. Either send him to the police station and let me play the role of a model citizen, or take him outside and give him a good beating to settle the matter.” The handsome Landon approached them with a mischievous smile on his lips. He brought two rows of people with him and exuded an intimidating aura.

“Why should I be the one getting beaten? Is there no rule of law anymore?” Dylan’s voice trembled with fear upon seeing Landon.

Landon beckoned with his finger, and the woman who was almost drugged earlier timidly hid behind him.

“Firstly, in my club, these women are here to serve drinks and dance. They never provide personal services to customers. By forcefully making her drink and harassing her, you’ve violated the rules of my establishment.

“Secondly, I don’t tolerate banned substances or drugs in my place. I despise it more than anything when someone engages in such activities here. I consider it light punishment to break the legs of whoever is involved! From what I see, you should be thanking Ms. White here. If she hadn’t stopped you from drugging her, you would’ve already been killed here,

Jasper was shocked. So that was what had happened.

“Haha! Well done, man!” Alyssa’s eyes narrowed into crescents as she gave Landon a thumbs up.

“Thanks for the praise.” Landon winked at her.

Jasper felt an inexplicable tightness in his chest as they exchanged flirtatious glances.

“Jasper, what do you think of my suggestion?” Landon asked.

“It’s feasible,” he replied concisely.

“It’s my fault! I’m sorry! Mr. Beckett, I really didn’t know this lady was your ex–wife. I was too ignorant. I’ll be sure to compensate Ms. White. I’m sorry…”

Dylan gritted his teeth as he apologized to Alyssa, feeling very frustrated inside.

Jasper still wasn’t satisfied, but then he noticed something.

Alice was gone!

“Looking for your ex–wife? Look over there.” Landon whistled and nodded toward the stage.

Jasper’s eyes narrowed, and his heart skipped a beat.

Amidst the mesmerizing lights and shadows, Alice swayed her slender body, dancing seductively and playfully. She looked like a goddess, outshining everything around her.

She was completely drunk!

She had no idea what she was doing. She felt like a carefree bird flying. Suddenly, her body leaned back. Amidst the gasps of the crowd, she fell into a firm yet warm embrace.

She struggled to focus and saw Jasper’s handsome face which was filled with anger. Flashing him a silly smile, she said three words, “I feel nauseous.”

Jasper dragged Alyssa into the men’s restroom.

She leaned over the toilet and vomited uncontrollably. No matter how beautiful someone was, they wouldn’t look pretty under such circumstances.

At first, Jasper stood by the door and watched her coldly. However, when he saw her suffering, he walked up behind her and gently patted her trembling back.

After Alyssa finished vomiting, she stumbled to the sink and washed her mouth.

“Ugh… I feel terrible…”

“Then why did you drink? You brought this upon yourself.” Jasper stood by the side, eyebrows furrowed with coldness.

“Because… I’m sad. I feel terrible.”

Can’t Win Me Back by Jean Sparks

Status: Ongoing

Author: William Shakespeare

Native Language: English

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