Chapter – 19 Can’t Win Me Back

Can’t Win Me Back

by Jean Sparks

Alyssa’s mind was clouded, and she even mistook Jasper for her brother. She choked and cried, ” Why doesn’t Jasper like me? Why …”

Jasper’s heart skipped a beat, his thin lips tightly pressed together as he listened to her lament.

“I tried so hard. I really tried. But it seems the harder I tried, the more he disliked me. Why is that?

Tell me!”

Suddenly, she turned around and clung to Jasper while sobbing heavily in his chest. Her tears, running nose, and makeup smeared his clean shirt.

He stood rooted to the ground, his throat tightening as he felt her scorching tears searing into his chest and saturating his heart.

After a while, his voice deepened as he asked, “Do you really love Jasper?”

Alyssa raised her tear–stained face, her cherry lips slightly parted.

Jasper gulped as he struggled against the strong temptation of pure desire. He regretted asking that question.

So what if she loved him? So what if she didn’t? Their divorce was a done deal, and his life partner could only be Liana.

With a loud bang, the restroom door was kicked open.

“Jasper! How can you be so shameless? Can’t you be satisfied with what you have?”

Silas‘ eyes turned red with anger. Striding into the restroom, he pulled Alyssa into his arms and protected her like an mother hen guarding its chick.

Jasper’s elegant eyebrows furrowed tightly, and the fact that Silas, who usually carried himself with grace, was furious to this extent showed how much he cared about his ex–wife.

He felt somewhat suffocated.

“Mr. Jonah, she has a low alcohol tolerance and vomited heavily just now. If you truly care about her, you shouldn’t have brought her to a place like this.”

Silas was about to retort, but hearing Jasper addressing him as Jonah, he decided to play along and assumed the role of Jonah. “I’ll accompany my woman to do whatever she wants to. If she likes to have fun, I’ll have fun with her. Jasper, you and Alice are divorced. Stop sticking your

nose into her business. Go back and take care of Ms. Gardner!”

With that, Silas helped Alyssa walk toward the exit, but Jasper stopped him.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Do you really love her?” Jasper asked in a low voice.

“Of course.”

“Can you marry her?”

This question left Silas speechless.

“What does it have to do with you? Get out of my way!”

“Alice doesn’t have power or background and can’t withstand these emotional games. If you can’t marry her and only treat her as a lover, then don’t drag her down. Let her return to a normal life as soon as possible.” Jasper’s eyes darkened.

“Hahaha. Jasper, I’ve never met someone as shameless as you. When you divorced Alice for Liana, did you ever think about Alice’s situation? Thanks to you, she became a divorcée at a young age. Don’t you think that’s dragging her down? Since divorce was a given, why did you marry her three years ago? Weren’t you just using her so that you could marry your true love? How disgusting!”

Jasper felt a sharp pang in his chest, and his sturdy body, concealed beneath his suit, trembled faintly.

Silas forcefully shoved him and said, “Get out from my sight, you cheater!”

Jasper didn’t know how to respond. All he could think of was how he’d been accused of using Alice and was called a cheater.

“Where’s your ex–wife? Did she leave?” Landon leaned against the railing, sipping his drink while observing Jasper’s dazed and desolate appearance.

Jasper muttered in response. He picked up his whiskey glass and downed it in one gulp, feeling a burning sensation in his throat.

“If it weren’t for you, I would have definitely beaten Dylan to a pulp tonight. Using drugs is bad enough, but he even dared to make advances on my crush. He’s asking for death.”

“You don’t have to be considerate. Liana and her brother are separate individuals.” Suddenly, realization dawned on Jasper, and his brows furrowed slightly. “Crush? What do you mean?”

“I thought I might as well take Alice since you don’t want her anymore. Since you gave up on her I’ll gladly step in.” Landon raised an eyebrow and smirked as he continued, “She’s going to become like your sister–in–law. I wonder if you can adapt to that.”

“The divorce isn’t even finalized yet, and you’re already eager to claim her as yours?” Jasper’s eyes darkened, and his lips curled up into a cold smile.

“Well, you’ve already signed the divorce agreement, so it’s just a matter of time.”

“I don’t know about anything else,” Jasper clenched his fingers, and his face darkened, “but your death is not far off.”

Can’t Win Me Back by Jean Sparks

Status: Ongoing

Author: William Shakespeare

Native Language: English

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