Chapter – 16 Can’t Win Me Back

Can’t Win Me Back

by Jean Sparks

“Oh my, who’s sitting next to the beauty? Isn’t that Jonah, the president of Belbanks‘ KS Group?”

Landon raised an eyebrow mischievously and said teasingly, “Isn’t Jonah known for leading a virtuous life and never setting foot in such a place? Haha, why is he here tonight?”

No wonder Jasper and Landon couldn’t recognize him.

Alyssa’s brothers were quadruplets. Among them, the eldest, Jonah, and the second eldest, Silas, looked incredibly similar at first glance. It was easy for someone unfamiliar with them to be mistaken.

“Damn it, I’m jealous. Such a beautiful woman should be my lover. What can Jonah give her?” Landon became more and more excited as he spoke.

Downstairs, Alyssa was smiling sweetly at Silas.

Seeing this, Jasper felt an inexplicable tightness in his chest.

Once upon a time, that smile belonged solely to him.

Not to mention the widespread scandals seemed to have no effect on her. This woman had the audacity to seek pleasure and revel amidst it all!

Meanwhile, he spent the entire day consumed by anguish. He was either busy sorting out the mess or contemplating how to explain things to her.

“Well, how about I claim her for myself tonight? She may be Jonah’s woman, but I can’t care less. Even if there’s a goalkeeper, I can still score.” Landon licked his lips as he spoke, his desires becoming evident.

“Don’t even think about it. She’s my wife.”

Landon’s eyes widened in shock.

“My ex–wife,” Jasper corrected himself in an angry tone.

“What? She’s that unromantic and rigid woman you used to be with? Gosh, are you blind, dumb, or both? This woman is an absolute beauty. She’s way better than Liana, that woman you’re obsessed with!”

Jasper cast Landon a cold glance, who sheepishly stuck out his tongue. “Well, I was just speaking from the heart. After all, you said she wasn’t anyone worth meeting when I mentioned meeting her. I thought she looked super ugly, but I didn’t expect … Hey, where are you going?”

Before he could finish his sentence, Jasper had already stormed out of the room.

Meanwhile, Alyssa and her second brother had a few rounds of drinks, and her fair cheeks were now red.

“Lyse, are you okay?” Silas asked with concern when he noticed Alyssa was getting tipsy.

“One more round! Let’s roll the dice!” Alyssa had decent alcohol tolerance, but worries filled her mind, which was why the booze was getting to her head faster this time.

Just then, Silas received an urgent phone call from his superior. He apologized to Alyssa, “Lyse,

please give me a moment. I have to take this call. I’ll be back very soon.”

She waved her hand gracefully. “Sure thing!”

As soon as Silas left, the men around gradually closed in on Alyssa like sharks sensing blood.

She looked up, her gaze casually sweeping over them as if she were choosing a dish.

This one was too short, that one was too thin, this one had a flat nose, and that one had small eyes.

None of them could compare to her ex–husband.

It was a pity he had a dark heart under that attractive appearance, not to mention he betrayed her love.

At that moment, Alyssa noticed a commotion at a nearby table where several young men were cheering while watching a man pour drinks for a woman.

That man with a disgusting smile happened to be Liana’s brother, Dylan!

To make matters worse, Alyssa spotted one of the rich young men secretly putting something in a drink and passing it to Dylan with her keen eyes.

Instantly, her anger reached its peak. She abruptly stood up and walked toward them.

“Hey! Pretty lady!” The group of men saw Alyssa and were practically drooling.

When Dylan’s gaze fell on this stunning beauty, the woman in his arms suddenly lost her allure.

“It looks like you guys are having fun. Can I join?” Alyssa’s eyes seemed intoxicated, making her appear more seductive.

“Of course, young lady. We’ll do whatever you want,” Dylan said, his gaze filthy as he licked his lips.

Alyssa picked up the drugged drink. “Well then, finish this drink.”

The group fell silent, and Dylan’s face fell.

Everyone knew that the drink was laced with a heavy dose of drugs. Only a fool would drink it!

“You’re not drinking it? Then let me feed it to you!”

Alyssa’s gaze turned fierce as she said that. She lifted her hand and splashed the contents of the glass on Dylan’s face.

The crowd gasped in astonishment, and the woman let out a frightened scream as she quickly moved aside.

Can’t Win Me Back by Jean Sparks

Status: Ongoing

Author: William Shakespeare

Native Language: English

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