Chapter 1127

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The General’s Manor houses a formidable force of thousands, capable of easily quelling any disturbance within its walls.

This is precisely why no one dares to behave recklessly in the General’s Manor.

“Where are the people? Where are they headed? Come and lend a hand!”

Even after shouting, there was no response from outside, prompting Caden to raise his voice once more.

“Second brother, there’s no need to bellow. My men have already infiltrated the general’s manor, and all your guards have been subdued,” Murong Hai remarked, a faint smile on his lips.

“How can that be? You’re fabricating this!”

Caden’s eyes widened in disbelief.

How could a thousand-strong, highly-trained army be defeated so effortlessly?

“After five years of meticulous planning, if I couldn’t accomplish this small feat, I wouldn’t be standing here today,” Murong Hai said nonchalantly.

“So, you were prepared from the beginning.”

Caden’s countenance darkened, his gaze sweeping over them one by one, as he spoke with a cold edge, “Murong Hai, I must concede that you are indeed courageous and resourceful, but you’ve made a miscalculation.”

“What do you mean?” Murong Hai was slightly intrigued.

“You overlooked me!”

Caden slowly removed his coat, revealing a body of powerful, well-defined muscles beneath. “I’ve trained rigorously since childhood, and my martial prowess has reached its zenith. Now, I stand as a half-step master. Your underlings here are no match for me.”

“Half-step Grandmaster?”

As soon as these words were uttered, a murmur swept through the assembly.

The Dragon Kingdom is renowned for its martial arts prowess, and achieving the status of an innate master is a monumental feat.

To ascend to the half-step master level demands exceptional talent and unwavering dedication.

For at this stage, one contends with thousands of adversaries on the battlefield!

“Sheila Murray! If you reconsider now, there’s still a chance, but if you persist, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Caden stamped his foot emphatically, and with a resounding “bang,” a hole appeared in the ground.

A mighty surge of air burst forth.

Several of Murong Hai’s henchmen were so startled that they spewed blood and were sent hurtling backward before they could react. They lay gravely wounded, teetering on the brink of death.

Upon witnessing this, the others’ expressions contorted in horror, and they hastily retreated in panic.

An expert of half-step master calibre dispatches opponents as effortlessly as plucking petals from a flower.

How could they hope to stand in the way?

“Vivian, I never imagined your dad would be this formidable. It appears Murong Hai won’t be making any significant waves today,” Sheila Murray marveled and rejoiced.

Only moments ago, she feared impending calamity, but luckily, Murong Cheng stepped forward, turning the tide.

“So Uncle Cheng is a concealed master. I hadn’t realised before,” Chu Jie looked on in admiration.

Reaching half-step master level is tantamount to establishing a sect that could dominate the world.

“Is my dad truly this powerful?” Sheila Murray was taken aback.

Truthfully, she’d never witnessed her father in action.

“Clap, clap, clap…”

Murong Hai smiled and applauded, “Second brother, I didn’t expect that after a few years, we’d meet again, and you’d have attained such a level of mastery. I hold you in high regard!”

“Since you acknowledge my prowess, why not apprehend him without delay?” Caden demanded.

“Sheila Murray, your martial aptitude is commendable, but alas, you still have some way to go. You are not yet qualified to halt me,” Murong Hai intoned calmly.

“Such arrogance!”

Caden’s anger surged instantly, “I shall see how capable you truly are today!”

With those words, he lunged forward suddenly.

At that very moment, behind Murong Hai, a figure cloaked in black, their visage obscured, sprang into action.

In a blink, the figure intercepted Caden, then delivered a precise strike with their palm.

“Inviting death!”

Caden harboured no fear, retaliating with a forceful punch.


Fist met palm, yet the enigmatic figure in black remained unmoved, their robes billowing.

Meanwhile, Caden was propelled backwards like a cannonball, crashing into the wall.

The onslaught of bloodshed showed no sign of abating.

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