Chapter 1126

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A sound of flesh tearing was heard.

Murong Hai’s sword stabbed Murong Shan directly through the chest without any warning.

Blood dripped to the ground along the tip of the knife.


Murong Shan was stunned, looking down at the knife pierced into his chest, his face full of disbelief.

He never dreamed that his third brother, whom he valued very much and his closest blood relative, would suddenly attack him.

And still so decisive, so ruthless.

At this moment, everyone was confused.

Who would have thought that Murong Hai, who was gentle and smiling just now, would suddenly kill his own eldest brother.

If before, it could be explained by drinking and making trouble, then now, the situation is completely different.

“You… how dare you…”

Murong Shan’s eyes widened, and when he was about to say something, blood was already pouring out of his mouth.

In the end, his body swayed and he fell limp to the ground.

“Brother, don’t be too nervous. My knife is an inch away from your heart. It won’t kill you for the time being. Just lie down and don’t get in your way.” Murong Hai said lightly.

While talking, he took out his handkerchief and wiped the blood on his fingertips.

He looked so calm, as if he was just doing something trivial.

“Bastard! You are so brave!”

Seeing this scene, Murong Zhenguo couldn’t help but became furious: “Your eldest brother is kindly trying to persuade you, but you dare to hurt someone? You are absolutely crazy! Come on! Catch this traitor!”


Following his order, a group of armed soldiers immediately swarmed in.

Murong Hai was not afraid at all and just threw the handkerchief on the ground.

The next second, two rows of bodyguards standing against the wall took action almost simultaneously.

Like a fierce tiger, it suddenly pounced on it.

These bodyguards are powerful, extremely fast, and have premeditated plans to crush them as soon as they appear.

The armed soldiers who had just entered the door were knocked down one after another before they could react, with no room for resistance at all.

The scene was instantly reversed.


The sudden change made Murong Zhenguo frown deeply.

Unexpectedly, there were so many assassins in the banquet hall.

In other words, some of the guests present have been bribed.

“Murong Hai! Do you know what you are doing? You are rebelling!”

Caden stared, angry.

“Second brother, you taught me that the weak are prey to the strong. If you really have the strength, what about the rebellion?”

Murong Hai’s expression remained calm.

“You are playing with fire and burning yourself!”

Caden said sternly: “I’m warning you, put down your weapons immediately and lead everyone to surrender, otherwise you will regret it!”

Where is the General’s Mansion?

How can someone just run wild after just a few hours?

“Murong Hai! If you make a mistake, you will be hated forever, and you dare to make trouble in the general’s mansion, are you going to die?”

“While there is still room for change, rein in the situation immediately and surrender, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences!”

“Confused! So confused!”

Everyone in the Murong family rebuked angrily and hated the iron.

The family that used to live in harmony is now at war with each other, fighting to the death, right?

“Please see clearly, I am in control of the situation now, and I have the final say in everything.” Murong Hai said calmly.

“Hmph! Do you think that these people alone can control the entire General’s Mansion? It’s just a dream!”

As Caden spoke, he suddenly raised his voice and shouted: “Come here! Catch all these intruders!”

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