Chapter 1125

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After uttering his words, he opened the gift box, and his smile froze instantly.

Because inside the gift box, there were no valuable items, nothing to reveal his sentiment, only a piece of fine white silk.

“Is this the gift you had prepared?”

Murong Zhenguo frowned slightly, his gaze tinged with puzzlement.

“What? Father, do you not like it?”

Caden’s expression remained unchanged, perpetually respectful and humble.

“Not like it?”

Murong Zhenguo’s countenance darkened; he hurled the gift box to the floor and thundered, “Open your eyes and see what you’ve presented me!”


A sharp sound reverberated.

The gift box shattered, revealing Bai Ling within.

Witnessing this tableau, everyone stood dumbfounded.

“What’s happening? What’s the rationale behind gifting a white fabric at a birthday gathering?”

“That’s not just any white fabric, it’s a piece of white silk for draping!”

“What? Bai Ling? Impossible! Who could bestow this upon me earnestly?”

“It’s no wonder the old general is incensed, no one could endure it. What on earth is Caden thinking?”

“… ”

Hushed conversations rippled through the crowd, some bewildered by the situation.

The once vibrant atmosphere quickly turned frigid.

“Third brother, why have you presented me with this? Could it be that you’ve made an error?” Murong Shan’s brow creased.

“Third brother! Retrieve this quickly, don’t allow others to mock you!” Caden implored.

Bestowing such an inauspicious item on the day of a birthday celebration, was it not a deliberate attempt to invite misfortune?

“It seems Father is not content with my offering.”

Disregarding the curious gazes of those around him, Caden gently picked up the white silk, dusted it off, and spoke with a smile, “This white silk once adorned my wife, and I kept it for five years. I held onto it to give it to you, Father, one day…”

As soon as these words left his lips, the entire room erupted.

The disciples of the Murong family, in particular, wore expressions of shock and their senses were on edge.

That incident from the past had nearly become a forbidden topic, one that no one dared to broach.

Originally, it was assumed that Caden’s return today was a sign of a change of heart, a potential reunion with his family. Yet, no one expected him to dredge up old grievances.

“Third brother! What nonsense is this? Why bring this up?” Murong Shan berated angrily, while also pleading with Murong Zhenguo, “Father, Caden must be inebriated. You mustn’t indulge him.”

“If I don’t remind you, shall we pretend that the past never transpired?”

Caden’s smile gradually faded, he continued, “Father, I wonder if you still recall that it was you who drove my wife to her death. It was you who compelled her to take her own life and be forever parted from me.”

“So, today you’ve come not to celebrate your birthday, but to confront the truth?”

Murong Zhenguo’s countenance appeared uncertain.

“I simply seek justice for my departed wife.”

Caden’s smile slowly dissipated. “Father, if you repent and acknowledge your wrongs from back then, I might contemplate forgiveness.”

“Caden! You’re acting audaciously!”

Murong Shan, at last, could bear it no longer. He slapped Caden across the face and cursed, “Today is Dad’s birthday gathering, you are not permitted to behave recklessly here. I command you to apologize to Dad this instant!”


Caden smiled, gently wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, and spoke calmly, “Murong Zhenguo brought harm to my wife, shattered my existence, and condemned me to an eternal abyss. And you ask me to apologize? Is that reasonable?”

“Dad did nothing wrong back then, it’s your own doing. Don’t cling to it any longer, just kneel down and admit your mistake!” Murong Shan pleaded, growing more anxious.

If this continues, it will surely lead to no resolution.

“Brother, you’re as you were before. Always compliant. Whenever Murong Zhenguo glared, you’d cower into silence. You’re truly without worth,” Caden shook his head.

“You… you’re unyielding! Today, I must impart a lesson to you!”

Murong Shan seethed with indignation and raised his hand to strike.

In response, Caden abruptly drew a knife and thrust it fiercely into Murong Shan’s chest.

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