Chapter 1128

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Seeing this scene, everyone looked shocked.

Isn’t Caden a half-step master-level expert?

Shouldn’t it sweep the entire field?

Why did he get beaten up and vomited blood just after meeting him?

“Brother Caden!”


Lily and Sheila Murray were startled, and quickly ran forward and helped Caden up.

“Cough cough cough…”

Caden’s body trembled and he coughed up several mouthfuls of blood.

At this moment, his face was full of shock and horror.

Since practicing the Soul-Eating Technique, he has become very confident in his own strength. He is not invincible, but he can dominate one area.

Why? Why was he suppressed just as he was about to show off his skills today?

Is it because I am too weak or the enemy is too strong?

“You…who the hell are you?!”

Caden gritted his teeth, somewhat unwillingly.

“Tianzhu Kingdom, Rakshasa.”

The man in black robe slowly opened his cloak, revealing a foreign face.

His cheeks were thin and his eye sockets were sunken, giving him a cold feeling.

“What? Rakshasa? Isn’t that the martial arts master of Tianzhu Kingdom? Why is he here too?”

“It seems that Murong Hai has spent a lot of money! He actually invited a strong master from Tianzhu Kingdom. No wonder Caden is no match.”

“It’s broken! The armed forces of the General’s Palace cannot be used, and now Murong City has been defeated again. Is today a catastrophe for the General’s Palace?”


After learning the identity of Rakshasa, the whole place was in an uproar.

A martial arts master-level expert, who is the enemy of thousands of people, now suddenly comes and is almost unstoppable.

It seems that the General’s Mansion is in big trouble.


Caden’s complexion changed, and he was very apprehensive: “Murong Hai, I didn’t expect you to have planned a long time ago, and even traveled thousands of miles to invite people from Tianzhu Kingdom. You are really driving the General’s Mansion to a dead end!”

“Second brother, if I didn’t have my trump card, I wouldn’t be so blatant.” Murong Hai had a faint smile on his lips.

After so many years of preparation, everything that should be calculated has already been calculated.

“Murong Hai, I admit that you are indeed the best among our three brothers, but unfortunately, you still underestimated the foundation of the General’s Mansion.”

“Do you think that just a martial arts master can sweep through the general’s mansion? If so, I can only say that you are too naive!”

“Today, I will let you see the real trump card of the General’s Mansion!”

Caden suddenly took a deep breath, then mobilized all his energy and shouted: “The General’s Mansion is in crisis! Please come out, ancestor!”

Its sound was like a thunderous explosion.

The shock caused drinks to ripple on the table and everyone’s ears to roar.

After the shouting, some key members of the Murong family immediately cheered up.

Few people know that there is a top powerhouse hidden in the General’s Mansion.

This person is respectfully called “Ancestor”.

If the thousand-man armed force is the official force of the General’s Mansion, then the ancestor is the General’s Mansion’s biggest trump card.

Many years ago, the ancestor had become a martial arts master.

Although he rarely appears, his strength is definitely the best in Jiangnan.

It’s just that the ancestor has been practicing in seclusion all year round and never asks about the affairs of the general’s mansion. On weekdays, no one dares to disturb him.

However, now, the General’s Mansion is at a critical moment, and the ancestors have to be called in to suppress the whole situation.

I believe that as long as the ancestor comes forward, the Rakshasa of Tianzhu Kingdom will not be worth mentioning at all.

“Murong Hai! It’s too late to stop now. Once our ancestor comes out of seclusion, your life may be at risk!”

“That’s right! If you pull back from the brink in time, you still have a chance of survival, otherwise you will die forever!”

Everyone in the Murong family scolded and tried to persuade Murong Hai to surrender.

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