Chapter 1076: The Absurd Challenge

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“Am I seeing things correctly? This guy actually picked a dwarf horse?”

“Could it be that he intends to race against a fine steed like Black Dragon with this kind of pony?”

“Oh my goodness! What is this guy thinking? Has he gone insane?”

As they looked at the dwarf horse Dustin had chosen, everyone was utterly shocked.

Dwarf horse, as the name suggests, was a small and gentle-natured horse primarily meant for children or the elderly to ride. They were under one meter in height, with short and stocky limbs, primarily used for recreational purposes.

In contrast, Black Dragon stood at a majestic one and a half meters, with long and well-built limbs, a perfectly proportioned body, and the ability to run like the wind. In every aspect, Black Dragon outclassed the dwarf horse.

When the two horses stood side by side, it was like comparing a grown man to a three-year-old child.

There was no need for a race; just by looking at their physical attributes, the outcome was clear.

“Are you kidding me? This guy is a joke!” Morgan mock.

They had seen foolishness before, but this was on another level.

Even with the finest horses, there was no way they could compare to Black Dragon, let alone a low-grade horse like this one.

“Ha-ha-ha… He can’t even pick a horse properly; does he really think he can compete in a race? What a moron!” Victoria laughed heartily.

People who chose such a horse for a race were either making a joke or asking for trouble.

“Hey! Are you out of your mind? This is a horse for children to ride; why did you choose it? Are you planning to go for a leisurely stroll?” Vivian asked sarcastically.

“I thought you were so amazing, but you don’t understand anything. You’re just trying to show off!” Chase made fun of him with a strange expression.

“That’s right. Please, just admit defeat. You’re embarrassing not only yourself but all of us as well!” Many people showed disdain.

Racing against a thoroughbred like Black Dragon with a dwarf horse was not a race; it was self-torture.

People with even a little bit of common sense wouldn’t do such a thing.

“Pele (the stable keeper), are you deliberately causing trouble?” Shiela furrowed her brows and questioned, “There are so many excellent purebred horses in the stable. Why did you refuse to let Dustin choose any of them? What’s your intention?”

“Miss Shiela, it’s not my business,” the stable keeper replied with an innocent expression. “I introduced many excellent horses to this gentleman, but he didn’t like any of them. He insisted on choosing this one, and I couldn’t do anything about it.”

In fact, when he saw that Dustin had picked the dwarf horse, he was also extremely surprised and had advised against it.

However, the other party didn’t listen at all.

“Dustin, did you make the wrong choice?” Shiela asked with a strange expression. “This dwarf horse has short legs and a weak body. It can’t run fast at all. Why don’t you go back to the stable and pick another one?”

“No need to pick another one; this horse is sufficient,” Dustin said with satisfaction, patting the dwarf horse’s head.

“But with just this horse, you won’t be able to beat Black Dragon,” Shiela felt a bit awkward.

With a better purebred horse, there might be a chance to win. But with this dwarf horse, victory was impossible.

“Don’t worry; it will definitely win,” Dustin smiled confidently.

“Hmph! You’re too naive if you think you can win with such an inferior horse. Have you lost your mind?” Morgan sneered.

“Dustin, you’d better think it through. If you lose, you’ll have to pay one million. Don’t let your recklessness make Shiela cover your debts,” Garrett said coldly.

They had initially thought Dustin was a capable person, but now it seemed he was simply foolish.

“If I lose, I’ll pay for it myself. Shiela won’t have to spend a dime,” Dustin said straightforwardly.

“Hmph! A mere insurance salesman like you, do you even have that much money?” Victoria questioned.

“That’s right! If you don’t have the money, don’t try to show off. It’s better not to embarrass yourself!” Vivian added with disdain.

“One million isn’t a small amount of money. Someone like you probably won’t earn that much in your entire life,” Chase said, not bothering to hide his contempt.

“Hey! Are you trying to be a freeloader?” Many people doubted.

Everyone knew that Shiela was kind-hearted. If Dustin couldn’t pay, she would most likely cover the debt.

This guy was truly calculating.

“If he doesn’t have the money, I’ll pay for him,” Dahlia, who had been silently observing, suddenly spoke up.

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