Chapter 1075: The Unexpected Challenger

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“You, girl, why won’t you listen to reason?” Garrett sighed heavily, wearing a helpless expression.

“Since everyone can’t agree, how about we have a rematch with higher stakes? The winner decides, what do you think?” Victoria suggested.

“I’m fine with that; it’s up to whether Shiela dares,” Morgan didn’t decline, provoking a glance at Shiela.

“Shiela just got injured; how can she ride now? Isn’t this making things difficult for her?” Garrett deliberately wore a stern expression.

“Shiela can’t participate; we can choose someone else from her many friends,” Morgan suggested with her head held high, scanning them one by one. “Hey! Which one of you dares to challenge me? One million per match; you pay if you lose, and you take Henry if you win.”

As this was said, Chase, Vivian, and others exchanged glances.

One million per match was a considerable bet.

Their equestrian skills were slightly inferior to Shiela’s, and most importantly, Henry had already been injured and couldn’t race again in the short term. In the entire horse racing arena, there was no other top-notch horse that could compete with Black Dragon.

In this situation, whoever stepped forward would be humiliating themselves with no chance of winning.

“What’s wrong? So many of you, and not a single one dares to challenge? How disappointing!” Morgan sneered, disdain evident in her gaze.

The people lowered their heads, feeling embarrassed but not daring to speak up.

“Shiela, I’ve given you a chance, but it seems you’re incapable. You only have yourselves to blame,” Morgan gloated.

“I’ll do it!” Shiela finally couldn’t hold back, gritting her teeth as she stood up, her little face filled with determination.

However, due to her recent fall, her gait was unsteady, and it was evident that she wasn’t in the best condition.

“You’re injured, let me do it instead,” Dustin reached out and gently patted Shiela’s shoulder.

“You can ride a horse?” Dustin’s unexpected offer surprised her.

“Well, if you want to try, don’t embarrass yourself. It would be better to avoid making a scene if you’re just going to show off a little,” Chase remarked with a strange tone.

“That’s right, Shiela can’t even do it. What’s the use of you going up? You’ll just be humiliating yourself,” Vivian scoffed.

“Lost a million for a match. Do you, an insurance salesman, have that much money?” Victoria taunted.

“Some people love to show off, but they have no self-awareness,” the crowd sneered one by one.

A mere insurance salesman dared to participate in horse racing among the wealthy; he was clearly overestimating himself!

“Dustin, do you have confidence?” Shiela inquired cautiously.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely win back your Henry,” Dustin smiled.

“Hmph! You talk big, but I’ll make sure you admit defeat!” Morgan raised her chin arrogantly and said to the racecourse steward, “Take this guy to the stable and let him choose a horse. Any good horse inside, let him pick!”

“This way, sir, please follow me,” the racecourse steward made a gesture of invitation and led Dustin into the stable.

Not long after, Dustin emerged from the stable. However, when everyone saw the horse he had chosen, they were instantly dumbfounded.

They were shocked to see that Dustin had selected a dwarf horse specifically designed for children!

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