Chapter 1074: Repercussions and Resolutions

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As they looked at the black needle that Dustin held, the crowd couldn’t help but exchange surprised and uncertain glances.

They had witnessed it clearly; the needle had indeed been pulled from the horse’s head, and it was stained with blood. This clearly indicated that someone had tampered with it.

“Could it be true? Are the things this guy is saying actually real?”

After a brief astonishment, many people’s gazes turned to Garrett, expecting an explanation.

“Now that there’s irrefutable evidence, what else do you have to say?” Dustin questioned.

He flicked his finger and let the needle drop to the ground at Garrett’s feet.

“What do you mean? Are you suspecting me?” Garrett furrowed his brows slightly and replied with righteous indignation, “Although I don’t know who did this, I can swear that I haven’t done anything to harm Shiela!”

“Keep pretending,” Dustin responded indifferently. “Your sister just admitted that only you touched Henry before the race. If it wasn’t you, then who else could it be?”

“I did touch Henry, but that doesn’t mean this needle is mine,” Garrett argued earnestly. “Perhaps someone tampered with it before we arrived.”

“That’s right! Shiela has many enemies, frequently targeted for kidnapping and assassination. It wouldn’t be surprising if someone sabotaged her horse. That’s perfectly plausible!” Morgan chimed in.

“Whether you’re in the wrong or not, you’re all the same. You’ll say anything to suit your narrative,” Dustin scoffed.

“Shiela, you know me best. Do you really think I’m the type of person who would harm you?” Garrett’s gaze turned serious as he looked to the side.

“Of course not. senior brother Garrett has always been kind to me. How could he harm me? This must be a misunderstanding,” Shiela shook her head repeatedly.

Her cousin had always been gentle and considerate, never doing anything unjust or harmful. Naturally, he wasn’t a bad person.

“Listen up! Shiela and I have a deep bond as siblings. You have no right to meddle in our affairs,” Garrett said coldly.

“Enough, both of you, stop arguing. It was just an accident, and we shouldn’t let it affect our relationships,” Shiela tried to mediate.

One was her cousin, and the other was her lifesaver. She felt caught in the middle.

“For Shiela’s sake, I won’t argue further, but if you dare to speak nonsense again, don’t blame me for being rude!” Garrett threatened.

He was a bit resentful after almost being exposed.

“Wait a minute… Since someone tampered with Henry, this race should be invalidated, and Shiela shouldn’t be considered the loser,” Vivian suddenly spoke up.

“That’s right! Under normal circumstances, Henry had a better chance of winning,” Chase and others agreed.

“Hmph! In horse racing, there are always various unexpected occurrences. If you lose, you lose. Why so much fuss?” Morgan disdainfully remarked.

“Morgan, let’s forget about it. We’re all family, and we should value harmony. Just give Henry back to Shiela,” Garrett timely suggested.

“Why should I?” Morgan tilted her head and asserted, “We made a bet, and I won Henry fairly with my skills. Why should I give it back?”

She had coveted Henry for a long time and had finally managed to acquire it. Naturally, she was unwilling to return it.

“Sis, please, for my sake,” Garrett comforted her.

“Why?” Morgan stubbornly refused. “Shiela, you’re a grown woman now; don’t you dare back out!”

Shiela felt speechless for a moment.

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