Chapter 1071: The Thrilling Horse Race

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Two women exchanged glances, their animosity palpable, clearly not taking each other’s words seriously.

With saddles securely fastened and harnesses in place, two magnificent horses were finally led onto the racetrack.

One black and one white, their contrast was striking.

The friends of Shiela and Morgan had also split into two camps, facing off against each other.

“Go, Shiela! I believe you can win!” cheered Vivian, offering her support from the sidelines.

“Shiela is a renowned champion, and no matter the horse, it’s no match for him!” Chase Johnson expressed his unwavering confidence.

“That’s right! As long as they perform steadily, victory is assured!” the others chimed in.

Although Dustin didn’t say a word, it was evident that, judging by the quality of the horses, Shiela had the upper hand compared to Black Dragon.

Of course, the rider’s skills also needed to be considered, and Shiela’s experience meant that, as long as she didn’t make a mistake, her chances of winning were significant.

“Dahlia, which horse do you think will run faster?” inquired Victoria Sterling eagerly, within the other camp.

“I’m not well-versed in horses, I can’t tell,” replied Dahlia with a slight shake of her head.

They had come to the racetrack today partly for leisure and partly to discuss business with Garrett Murray. Horse racing was simply for entertainment.

“It’s okay not to know, just take a guess,” chuckled Victoria.

“In that case, I’ll guess that the Black Horse will win,” Dahlia casually replied.

“Alright, I’m betting on the White Horse!” Victoria Sterling immediately declared, her competitive spirit ignited.

Both horses were exceptional, but she had a soft spot for the beautiful white horse, Shiela.

At this moment, Shiela and Morgan each mounted their horses and stood ready at the starting line, prepared to begin at any moment.

“Morgan, Black Dragon has a fiery temperament. Be careful when you ride,” advised Garrett Murray as he smoothed Black Dragon’s mane.

“Understood!” Morgan replied.

“Shiela, same goes for you. Prioritize safety, and remember, friendship comes first, competition second,” Garrett said, turning to look at Shiela and patting Shiela’s mane in the process.

With just this simple action, Dustin furrowed his brow slightly.

“Thank you for your concern, cousin,” Shiela nodded appreciatively.

“Alright, enough chit-chat. Are you both ready?” Garrett stepped back, and when he saw them nod, he suddenly raised his voice, shouting, “Begin!”

His words had barely left his lips when both Shiela and Morgan urged their horses forward.

One black and one white, the two magnificent horses shot out like lightning, with hardly a difference between them.

This race covered a distance of one kilometer, and right from the start, they raced neck and neck, each refusing to yield to the other.

The two riders were completely focused, not daring to be distracted.

As the horses raced on, their bodies moved rhythmically, demonstrating their expert skills.

“Go, Shiela, go!” cheered Vivian and his group, their excitement running high.

“Morgan, you can do it! You’re going to win!” the young men and women in the other camp shouted enthusiastically.

Amidst the waves of cheers, the two horses became even more spirited.

“Haha… Shiela is in the lead!” exclaimed Vivian’s group excitedly as they reached the halfway point, with Shiela gradually pulling ahead, leaving Black Dragon behind.

The sight filled Vivian’s group with joy. As long as this continued, victory was guaranteed.

“Shiela is slowing down. I think she’s going to lose,” suddenly interjected Dustin.

With his keen eyes, he could see that Shiela’s eyes were bloodshot.

“Hey! What are you talking nonsense about? Shiela clearly has the upper hand. How could he possibly lose?” retorted Vivian, clearly annoyed.

“Hmph! If you don’t understand, then stay quiet. Don’t embarrass yourself with your baseless comments!” Chase added disdainfully.

“Exactly! If you won’t cheer for Shiela, fine, but spouting nonsense like this is unacceptable!” the others chimed in, all clearly displeased.

As they spoke, a sudden turn of events unfolded on the racetrack.

With only a hundred meters left to the finish line, Shiela let out a painful neigh, and its hooves gave way, causing it to collapse on the track.

Due to the momentum, Shiela was catapulted off its back.

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