Chapter 1072: A Fall and a Surprise Encounter

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Shiela was sent flying high into the air and then crashed heavily onto the grass.

She felt dizzy and in pain as she lay on the ground.


This unexpected incident startled everyone.

They hurriedly ran over to check on Shiela’s condition.

Fortunately, she was wearing protective gear, and the landing was on soft grass, so she didn’t suffer any serious injuries, just a dislocated shoulder.

“Shiela! Are you okay? Did you get hurt?” Vivian asked anxiously.

“Get a doctor! Get a doctor quickly!” Chase was impatient.

If she had hit her head, it could have been much worse.

“Let me take a look.”

Garrett quickly approached and carefully examined the situation. He then said, “It’s not too bad, just a dislocated shoulder.”

With that, he gently extended his hand and placed it on Shiela’s shoulder, then suddenly twisted it.


A crisp sound echoed as the bone was put back in place.

Shiela let out a muffled groan, but her painful expression gradually eased.

“Hahaha… I won!” Morgan, who had reached the finish line, turned her horse around triumphantly and approached, looking down on Shiela. “Shiela, you’re too weak! You’ve been riding since you were a child, and you still managed to fall? That’s quite embarrassing!”

“You—!” Shiela couldn’t find the words to respond.

She had no idea what happened; she was just running, and suddenly, Henry stumbled.

During that time, she hadn’t sensed anything unusual.

“Shiela, you lost fair and square. I’m taking Henry with me!” Morgan, with a smug smile, declared.

Looking at Shiela’s gloomy expression, it was clear that she couldn’t back out now.

“Shiela, you were too impulsive just now!” Garrett said with a heavy tone. “Winning or losing is secondary; safety is paramount. I’ve warned you before not to be reckless. Look at what happened; you had a nasty fall. Fortunately, nothing serious happened, or how would I explain this to your father?”

“I’m sorry,” Shiela said, feeling a bit helpless.

“You, girl, don’t know the severity of things. We always say ‘friendship first, competition second.’ Why did you risk yourself like that?” Garrett sighed deeply.

He had an air of deep brotherly concern, as if their sibling bond was incredibly strong.

“‘Friendship first, competition second.’ Coming from your mouth, it sounds quite ironic!” Dustin suddenly spoke up.


With those words, everyone’s attention turned towards him.

They looked puzzled and didn’t understand.

“It’s you!” Victoria Sterling muttered, her expression changing instantly.

She had been so focused on the horse race that she hadn’t noticed Dustin was present.

Now, meeting her enemy, her face turned red with anger.

“Miss Victoria, do you know this person?” Garrett looked around, feeling puzzled.

“Hmph! A lowly insurance salesman like him isn’t worthy of knowing me!” Victoria clenched her teeth, feeling indignant.

She couldn’t mention the incident from yesterday when she got slapped; that would be too embarrassing.

“An insurance salesman?”

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