Chapter 1070: The Horse Race

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Everyone turned to look in the direction of the voice and saw a group of young men and women leisurely entering the area.

Leading the group was a woman dressed in a black vest and black riding boots. She had a beautiful appearance, a slim figure, and an arrogant demeanor that made her seem aloof.

As she walked in, she held the reins of a shiny black steed, which looked powerful and majestic.

“Morgan Murray?” Seeing the newcomer, Shiela Murray couldn’t help but furrow her brows.

Morgan was the daughter of her eldest uncle and had a tendency to clash with her often. This had become even more pronounced since her father had become the head of the family, as she no longer felt the need to be considerate.

She frequently looked for trouble, making things difficult for Shiela Murray.

“Shiela, I heard you bragging just now, saying that Henry has never lost. I couldn’t help but laugh,” Morgan sneered. “In the past, you won those championships because everyone let you. Do you really think you’re that great? Don’t make me laugh!”

“You’re talking nonsense!” Shiela’s face darkened, clearly irritated.

“Nonsense?” Morgan continued to taunt. “If you don’t believe me, then let’s have a race. Let’s see if your Henry is as good as you claim or if my Black Dragon is superior.”

Shiela hesitated. While she would readily accept challenges involving money or other items, she needed to think carefully when her beloved steed was at stake.

Henry had been with her for six years, and she had come to regard it as a friend. She was naturally reluctant to part with it.

“What’s the matter? Are you scared?” Morgan continued to provoke. “If you’re too afraid, then don’t brag in the future to avoid embarrassing yourself!”

“You…” Shiela was angered, gritting her teeth. “Fine! Let’s race! I don’t believe I’ll lose to you!”

“It’s a deal! I hope you won’t regret it!” Morgan coldly smiled.

“What’s going on here?” Just then, three more people entered the stables.

There was one man and two women.

The man had an imposing appearance, a tall figure, and bore a slight resemblance to Morgan.

The other two women were both incredibly beautiful, whether it was their appearance, figures, or temperament, they were outstanding.

“Hmm?” Dustin raised an eyebrow in surprise when he saw the newcomers.

He noticed that the two women who had entered were none other than Dahlia and Victoria Sterling!

As Dustin’s gaze swept over, Dahlia’s eyes met his. Their eyes locked for a moment, but neither of them spoke.

Dahlia furrowed her brows slightly, her expression somewhat peculiar. She hadn’t expected to run into the insurance salesman again.

On the other hand, Victoria had yet to notice Dustin’s presence. Her gaze remained fixated on the white horse, Henry, and she appeared to be filled with longing.

As an equestrian enthusiast, she couldn’t help but covet such a top-quality steed.

“Brother, you’re here?” Morgan smiled as she saw the man. “I just made a bet with Shiela on a horse race, with our precious steeds as the stakes. What do you think?”

“Oh? A horse race?” Garrett Murray’s eyes lit up, and he chuckled. “Since you’re all so interested, I’ll be the referee.”

“Sounds good!” Morgan readily agreed.

“Shiela, what do you think?” Garrett turned to Shiela.

“Garrett has always been fair, so it’s fine,” Shiela Murray nodded.

“Great! Get ready, everyone.”

Garrett smiled and said, “Friendship first, competition second. Let’s not ruin our relationships over this.”

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