Chapter 1063

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“This guy is done for! The situation escalated to the point that the Scarlet Warrior came. His life is about to become a living hell!”

“All I can say is that he’s very unlucky. It just so happened that he ran into his greatest enemy. There’s nowhere for him to run now.”

“I guess it’s his honor to die in the hands of the Scarlet Warrior.”

Many people’s gazes fell on Dustin as they gossiped.

Some pitied him, while some took pleasure in his misfortune. Some looked at the scene sorrowfully

Scarlet was the commander of the Dark Panther Cavalry. Meanwhile, Dylan was a high–ranking commander.

So, everyone naturally believed that Scarlet came to save Dylan.

Dustin was indeed formidable. However, he could never go against Scarlet.

That was an undeniable fact. There were no reasons or logic to explain it.

It was simply because she was Scarlet. After all, she was an undefeatable legend.

“My Lady! What brings you here?” After collecting himself, Gideon was the first one to greet her.

He was happy to see her. But he was also confused that she was here.

Gideon had heard something happen in Oakvale that required Scarlet’s immediate attention.

So, why was she here?

“General Zink, what’s going on here? What’s with the tense atmosphere?” Scarlet questioned coldly.

Gideon answered respectfully, “My Lady, I was invited to attend a banquet today. However, halfway through, someone caused a disturbance

“He even resorted to violence and held me hostage. Fortunately, you arrived just in time. Otherwise, I can’t imagine the aftermath.”

“Is that so? Who held you hostage?” Scarlet asked again. Her expression remained the same.

“It’s that punk!” Gideon replied while pointing at Dustin.

His tone carried a hint of resentment.

“Hmm?” Scarlet looked in the direction Gideon pointed.

When she saw Dustin, she was pleasantly surprised.

She had just arrived in Millsburg. Initially, she planned to look for Dustin immediately upon arrival.

But Scarlet made a last–minute detour after her subordinates told her about the incident. She didn’t expect to get lucky and meet Dustin there.

Could this be fate?

Meanwhile, Gideon did not stop complaining. “My Lady, this guy held me hostage! He was also about to commit a crime in public!”

“Save me, My Lady! Please save me!” Dylan yelled as he struggled to free himself.

He crawled over to Scarlet’s feet when he managed to break free. He cried uncontrollably and started expressing his grievances. “I’m a high–ranking commander of Dark Panther Cavalry and your subordinate.”

Tears streamed down Dylan’s face as he sobbed. “This guy thinks he could act high and mighty because he has some authority. He’s arrogant and overbearing!

“Not only did he pick on innocent people, but he also threatened to kill me! He’s lawless! My Lady, you must stand up for me!”

Dylan knocked his head on the ground several times when he finished speaking. His crying made his story sound believable.

But Scarlet asked instead, “Why does he want to kill you?”

“What?” Dylan was momentarily stunned.

It took him some time to process the question.

He thought Scarlet would help him at this point. That was why he could not quite grasp her question.

“Did you not hear what I said? Why does he want to kill you?” Scarlet asked again with a cold expression.

“II” Dylan was at a loss for words.

Then Dustin spoke up straightforwardly, “Let me speak for him then. He hired an assassin and caused harm to the innocent. He’s also an accomplice.

“He has crossed the line, so I want his life.”

Upon hearing his words, Dylan’s expression turned grim. “Nonsense! I haven’t done anything! Don’t try to accuse me!”

“So, you’re the one who made a mistake?” Scarlet questioned.

At that point, her gaze was downright frightening.

“My Lady, please don’t listen to him! He’s spouting nonsense!” Dylan began to make excuses.

“I’m a member of Dark Panther Calvary and have always followed the rules. How is it possible that

I commit such evil/acts?

“Besides, I’m your subordinate. I’ve always followed your guidance. I swear on my life that I’ve not violated any laws!

“If I’m not telling the truth, I shall face immediate consequences! My Lady, would you rather believe a stranger’s words over mine?

“If you truly think I’m lying, I’ll show my unwavering determination even at the cost of my life!”

Dylan declared, looking sincere as he spoke. In the eyes of others, he appeared distressed and heroić.

He had acted with so much passion that he almost moved himself to tears.

Dylan thought that his act was convincing enough. He was sure that he had gotten Scarlet right where he wanted.

“So, you’ll show your unwavering determination even at the cost of your life? Alright, I’ll fulfill your wish.”

After saying that, Scarlet immediately drew her viridescent sword. With just a single strike, she, beheaded Dylan.

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