Chapter 1064

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Suddenly, Dylan’s head dropped to the ground with a thud and rolled to a stop.

His eyes were still wide in disbelief, his face filled with shock.

Till his death, Dylan never expected that Scarlet would kill him.

She was supposed to be his savior. However, she turned out to be the reason for his death.

“W–what?” The sudden turn of events shocked everyone.

They gasped as they looked at Dylan’s severed head on the ground. They looked as if they had seen a ghost They couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

As the commander of Dark Panther Cavalry, wasn’t the Scarlet Warrior supposed to help Dylan?

Why did she kill him instead?

Did she make a mistake?

“H–he’s dead?” Trent stuttered, his eyes wide. He was frozen in shock.

Kate was terrified at the sight of Dylan’s lifeless body. She could not believe Scarlet actually killed, Dylan. “How did it turn out like this? Why would the Scarlet Warrior kill Dylan?”

“T–that’s impossible…” Jacob muttered as he stood there dumbfounded. He couldn’t wrap his head around the situation.

He even thought he was seeing things. Otherwise, how could such a bizarre situation happen?

At that moment, everyone was in a frenzy.

The situation was completely unexpected. When they saw Scarlet, they thought Dustin would be in serious trouble.

Who would have thought that Dylan would be the one dead instead?

The whole time, Scarlet gave no reasons or excuses for her actions. She did not even hesitate.

She had beheaded him in a single strike. It happened so quickly that it looked like she was killing an enemy rather than a subordinate.

Everyone couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

Could she have killed him just because of what he said?

Wasn’t that unreasonable?

“My Lady, w–what are you doing?” Gideon, who stood nearby, stuttered out. He trembled

Coincidentally, Dylan’s severed head had rolled to his feet.

The unsettling sight of Dylan’s lifeless eyes sent shivers down Gideon’s spine.

“I’m getting rid of potential threats, What else would I be doing?” Scarlet answered.

She swung her sword to flick the blood off and then sheathed it.

“Eliminating potential threats?” The corner of Gideon’s lips twitched.

He asked carefully, “My Lady, is there some sort of misunderstanding? Dylan is a high–ranking commander of the Dark Panther Cavalry.

“He has integrity and outstanding capabilities. It looks like he hasn’t committed any grave mistake. I think it’s not right to kill him just like that. Don’t you think so?”

After all, there must be a reason why a person would kill another. Scarlet did not even ask anything before killing him.

No one could accept an outcome like that..

“What’s the matter? Are you teaching me how to deal with matters like this?” Scarlet retorted, shifting her cold gaze at Gideon.

Gideon was startled and shuddered with fear. He hurriedly explained, “I wouldn’t dare to, My Lady I just think that his mistake was not severe enough. He didn’t deserve to die.”

“Didn’t you hear what he did? He hired an assassin and caused harm to the innocent. Shouldn’t he die?” Scarlet calmly replied.

Gideon gathered his courage and argued, “Everything that guy said is just his side of the story.

That’s insufficient as evidence.”

“I believe him. For me, that’s enough,” Scarlet stated firmly.

“What?” Gideon was taken aback. It took him a while to react.

How was that an explanation? Wasn’t that a shallow response?

“Gideon Zink, you’ve failed to keep your subordinate in check as a general. You even accept his violent actions.

“In this case, you’re guilty of neglecting your duty. So, you’ll be demoted by one rank after we return.

“Moreover, you must reflect in isolation for three months,”

After hearing what she said, Gideon was shocked and tried to save himself, “My Lady, I-!”

Scarlet interrupted him with a raise of hand. “One more word from you, and I’ll assign you to kitchen duty.”

Gideon immediately fell silent. He dared not say anything more.

He looked extremely distressed.

If Gideon had known this was coming, he would not have spoken up for Dylan.

After everything he said, he did not gain anything. To make things worse, he received a demotion instead.

Who the hell was he supposed to argue his case with now?

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