Chapter 1065

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“Arrest all those who caused a disturbance today. Conduct a thorough investigation, too!” Scarlet ordered and signaled the Dark Panther Cavalry.

They followed her orders and seized every member of the Harmon family.

Once again, the crowd was bewildered by Scarlet’s decision. They couldn’t understand what was happening.

Weren’t Dustin and Kirin Gang the ones who caused a disturbance? Why did Scarlet arrest the Harmon family?

She did not apprehend the attackers, Instead, she ordered Dark Panther Cavalry to capture the victims.

What was going on? Why was the situation getting even more out of hand?

Trent was momentarily stunned. After returning to his senses, he cried in distress, “My Lady, we’re innocent!”

“My Lady, we didn’t do anything! Why are you arresting us?” Kate hurriedly asked. She was shocked and scared as well.

“Yes, My Lady! We’re innocent! If you want to arrest someone, it should be Dustin!”

The members of the Harmon family started crying out, one after another. They were all panicking.

This situation was different from what they expected.

They had not done anything wrong. Yet, Scarlet was arresting them.

“I’ll investigate each one of you. Then we’ll know if you’re guilty or not.

“The truth will be known then. Take them all away!”

She could not be bothered to waste another second talking to them. With that, her subordinates forcibly took them away.

Anyone who dared to offend Logan would have to pay the price.

“This is injustice! We’re innocent!”

The Dark Panther Cavalry seized the Harmon family members despite their wailing and crying.

The Grants, the Hill family, and the other guests could only watch. No one dared to speak up for them.

With Scarlet’s authority, anyone who tried to help the Harmons would also be arrested.

They could only leave it to fate for what would happen to the Harmon family.

Scarlet scanned the surroundings and spoke again. “Anyone who’s not involved, leave now!”

“Let’s go. Hurry!” With that, the crowd didn’t hesitate and hurriedly ran away.

“Fuck! That guy got lucky! He managed to dodge a bullet again!”

Among the crowd, Torben stared at Dustin, his gaze fierce. His face clearly showed resentment.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find a chance to get back at him. One day, I’ll avenge your father,” Summer said while patting his nephew’s shoulder.

Summer left with the group from the Hills. He still had a hidden plan up his sleeve.

Summer was ready to deal with Dustin. But Scarlet’s appearance disrupted his plan.

So, Summer could only retreat for now and plan later.

“Quick! Let’s go back and inform Mr. Grant!”

The lupine guards‘ leaders exchanged glances. Then, they left, too.

Within a few minutes, the initially bustling Harmon residence was now quiet.

Right then, only two groups of people remained. Dustin led one group, while Scarlet was in charge of the other.

“Logan!” Scarlet called out.

The moment everyone left, she immediately dropped her cold front. She happily approached Dustin, looking like his fangirl.

Dragonmarsh’s Goddess of War was usually aloof, decisive, and ruthless. Yet, at that moment, she appeared lively, gentle, and obedient.

But of course, Scarlet was only like that toward Dustin.

He smiled faintly. “Hey, kid! You’re back so soon. Have you settled everything in Oakvale?”

As he said that, he affectionately patted her head out of habit.

Dustin’s simple action left Gideon completely dumbfounded. He stared at them in shock and wondered what was going on.

Was his eyes playing tricks on him?

Gideon could not believe someone would dare pat the Scarlet Warrior’s head.

Most importantly, she was not angry. She even seemed happy about it.

After all, even Adam, the God of War, was not treated this way.

So, who exactly was this guy?

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