Chapter 1066: The Mysterious Relationship

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At this moment, Wesley Whitman was completely unsettled.

It was quite evident to him that Scarlet Spanner and Dustin had known each other for a while, and their relationship seemed to be more than just good. It was beyond his comprehension.

Scarlet had been known for her ruthless and cold-blooded nature, her ability to make tough decisions on the battlefield, and her reputation for being stern and unapproachable. She maintained an air of aloofness and rarely showed her emotions, whether to family, friends, or subordinates. However, now she not only smiled but smiled brilliantly, as if she were an entirely different person.

At this moment, Wesley Whitman couldn’t help but wonder if his superior had been possessed by some spirit or under a spell.

Why else would she be smiling?

Or perhaps this guy in front of him had used some kind of magic to enchant her?

“Everything in Stonia has been taken care of, and we’ve killed a few scapegoats. It should quiet things down for a while,” Scarlet Spanner replied truthfully.

“That’s good,” Dustin nodded with a smile. He then said, “You’ve just arrived in Millsburg. Have you eaten yet?”

“Not yet,” Scarlet Spanner shook her head.

“Come on, let me take you to grab something to eat. We can chat while we eat,” Dustin suggested.


Watching the two of them leave, Wesley Whitman’s heart was in turmoil.

When had his superior become so gentle?

“Georgia!” Wesley couldn’t help but be curious and grabbed Scarlet’s female deputy.

“What is it?” Georgia furrowed her brows slightly.

“That guy from earlier, who is he? Why is he so close to the boss?” Wesley Whitman tentatively asked.

“Why do you care so much? Some questions are better left unanswered,” Georgia rolled her eyes and walked away.

“Bridget?” Wesley turned to another female deputy.

Bridget was even more straightforward. She snorted and walked away without a word.

She was playing the “ice queen” role to the hilt.

Wesley Whitman swallowed hard, feeling even more uneasy.

Could it be that he had offended some big shot?

Inside the mansion of the Grant family:

“What? The entire Harmon family has been arrested?” Upon hearing the report from his confidant, Tyler Grant was somewhat surprised. “What’s going on? Wasn’t today the day the Harmon family was supposed to rise to power? Why would they be arrested for no reason?”

“I don’t know the details yet, but it’s said that the order came directly from the Scarlet Warrior “Goddess of War”,” the confidant reported.

“Scarlet Spanner? How did she end up here?” Tyler Grant furrowed his brows slightly.

In the entire Dragonmarsh, there weren’t many people who could make him wary, and Scarlet Spanner happened to be one of them.

He had to admit that the woman was his superior in various aspects.

“Scarlet came here this time with minimal equipment. It doesn’t seem like she’s here for official business. It’s very likely that the Harmon family inadvertently offended her,” the confidant said.

“A bunch of idiots!” Tyler snorted disdainfully. “Out of all the people to offend, they choose to offend that woman. Truly foolish!”

“Young Master, should we use our connections to try and get the Harmons released?” the confidant asked tentatively.

“There’s no need to get involved in that woman’s mess just for these useless pawns. Let them fend for themselves,” Tyler coldly replied.

After all, the members of the Harmon family had always been nothing more than pawns to him.

Since the pawns were no longer useful, they could be discarded.

“Young Master, if we lose our puppets, how will we deal with the treasure map situation?” the confidant inquired.

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