Chapter 1062

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“The Scarlet Warrior is heral”

When the clear female voice sounded, everyone suddenly fell silent.

Instinctively, all of them turned and looked at the entrance. Their eyes fixed on the door

Soon, a woman dressed in red walked in casually, holding a viridescent sword

The woman had short silver hair. Her beauty was truly breathtaking.

Every move of hers exuded an air of confidence. She looked imposing and dignified at the same time.

Especially her eyes, her gaze was cold and arrogant. It seemed like she was looking down on everyone.

The woman appeared like a higher being without regard for all living things.

She was none other than the Scarlet Warrior, the most formidable Goddess of War in Dragonmarsh,

After a brief silence, the crowd burst into shouts of excitement.

“The Scarlet Warrior! It really is the Scarlet Warrior!”

“Oh my gosh! I didn’t expect the Scarlet Warrior to come. What an amazing day!”

“It is said that not only is the Scarlet Warrior stunning, but also graceful. Now that I’m looking at her, she lives up to her reputation!”

“She’s so beautiful and impressive! It’s no wonder she’s the most formidable Goddess of War in Dragonmarsh!”

The crowd looked on as Scarlet approached them. They were astonished and excited.

Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine seeing the famous Scarlet Warrior there.

After all, she was a prominent figure in Dragonmarsh.

Scarlet was also the Goddess in the hearts of millions–the only person with the power to control everything.

Moreover, almost every woman looked up to her. She was their idol, too.

In the past, they could only glimpse the Scarlet Warrior’s magnificence on television.

But at that moment, they looked at her with their own eyes. Everyone thought it was an honor to see her.

Right then, no one dared to behave rashly. Everyone stood rooted to their spots in silence.

While the crowd was in awe and feeling nervous, they were also curious.

After all, a big shot like the Scarlet Warrior rarely appeared in public. Most of the time, she stayed at the border.

Why did she appear suddenly?

The people could not help but wonder who had the influence to invite the Scarlet Warrior.

“This is great! Even the Goddess of War is here! She can save my son!” Jacob exclaimed.

His initial shock was replaced with excitement. Jacob looked like he had seen a savior.

“Dylan is indeed the most outstanding person in his family! Even the Scarlet Warrior values him. He’ll surely achieve success soon!”

“Harmon family has shown that kid our greatness!”

Under Trent’s lead, members of the Harmon family started cheering. They were extremely excited.

To them, the appearance of Scarlet was the same as seeing the stairway to heaven. All they needed to do was to climb it. Then, they would achieve success.

“Hey punk, the Scarlet Warrior is here. You’re dead!” Trent mocked.

His gaze fell on Dustin as he sneered. Trent looked at the latter like he was looking at a dead man.

“Hmph! It doesn’t matter if you’re a grandmaster martial artist now. Before the Scarlet Warrior, your life is just hanging by a thread!” Kate commented while crossing her arms.

Her gaze on Dustin was cold and filled with arrogance.

Jacob said, “Rhys, you should have taken the opportunity when we gave you the chance earlier!

It’s too late for regrets now!”

His spirits lifted, and he appeared refreshed.

“There’ll always be someone greater out there. There’s no way this kid can turn things around now,

“Quinton commented.

He sighed, feeling relief to see Scarlet.

Leah smirked at the scene. “Hmph! I’d like to see how you’re going to survive now.”

Dylan jeered, too. “Hahaha! Dustin, oh, Dustin. Right now, it doesn’t matter if you’re the leader of the Kirin Gang or a grandmaster martial artist.

“The Goddess of War is here. So, even with incredible abilities, you’ll still be a dead man! You want to kill me? In your dreams!”

Dylan laughed manically. He was arrogant.

Just moments ago, he fell into despair. However, he felt hopeful after Scarlet showed up.

Dustin’s capabilities were indeed impressive. His title as a young grandmaster was intimidating as well.

But his qualifications could not compare to Scarlet’s.

As the most formidable Goddess of War in Dragonmarsh, she excelled in leading troops into battles.

Besides, her skills were terrifying, too. She was the best among her peers in the whole of Dragonmarsh.

Rumors had it that Scarlet was only 18 when she became a grandmaster martial artist.

She had many years of battlefield experience and had gone through numerous challenges. In those years, Scarlet had killed more than five grandmasters.

And now, she was a mighty figure of the martial world.

In the presence of such a strong existence, who could stand in her way?

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