Chapter 1061

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Just as Gideon was about to speak, he was interrupted by Trent’s furious shouting. “Quick! Fire!

This punk wants to kill General Zink! Shoot him down now!”

Trent looked impatient. It was as if he was afraid that Gideon would beg for mercy.

Upon hearing Trent’s words, Dark Panther Cavalry soldiers removed their safety locks. Then, they proceeded to load their bullets.

“What the hell are you guys doing? Stop it! Stop it now!” Gideon yelled with all his might. He was shocked.

At this rate, he would be shot all over his body before Dustin died.

However, in the next second, the sound of gunfire was heard.

When he locked eyes with them, Trent had secretly signaled the Harmon family’s gunmen hidden among the crowd. That was why they fired.

Trent thought it would be best if they managed to hit Dustin. But it did not matter if they failed and accidentally killed Gideon instead.

They could just pass it off as a desperate attempt to save a life.

If that were to happen, Trent could easily put all the blame on Dustin. It was a win–win situation.

“Hmph!” Dustin had already taken action to avoid the bullets as gunfire was heard.

He dragged Gideon with him. But, unfortunately, the latter had a larger physique. As a result, he got shot in the buttocks.

In an instant, blood gushed out.

“Fuck! Who the fuck permitted you to open fire? I got shot!” Gideon roared.

The Dark Panther Cavalry troops exchanged glances. They did not notice anyone who had shot.

Suddenly, Dustin said, “The Harmon family made a sneak attack. They were planning to kill you and put the blame on me. Now, do you still want to help them?”

“Harmon family?”

Upon hearing what Dustin said, Gideon’s expression turned grim. He glanced at everyone from the Harmon family.

At that sight, Trent hurriedly explained, “General Zink, that punk is spouting nonsense! Don’t listen to him! He’s trying to sow discord!”

“That’s right! We’re saving you! It’s the kid who wants to kill you!” the rest of the Harmon family chimed in. They feared Gideon would take revenge.

After glaring at them, Gideon turned around and said, “Punk, consider it my unlucky day! I won’t interfere in your affairs anymore!”

“No, General Zink!” someone yelled.

“You’re one of the Four Great Generals of Dark Panther Cavalry! How can you yield to a nobody?”

“That’s right! A soldier should always fight till the end! You shouldn’t be afraid of dying!”

The Harmon family paled while trying to persuade Gideon.

They were sure of one thing. Without Gideon’s support, they were no match against a grandmaster martial artist.

“Shut the hell up!” Gideon roared.

“Did you think I don’t know what you’re planning? You’re using me, aren’t you? It won’t be that easy!”

He was not afraid of dying an honorable death in battle.

However, Gideon felt it was unfair if the Harmon family was using him. He might end up dying an unhorable death instead.

At that moment, Dylan became anxious. “General Zink, I’m your subordinate! Are you not going to save me?”

“Dylan, I can’t save you today. But I can promise you one thing. If this kid has the guts to kill you,

I’ll avenge you,” Gideon answered solemnly.

Only a few people were with Gideon. Hence, it was not wise for him to confront a grandmaster martial artist head–on.

“What?” Dylan was stunned after hearing what Gideon said. He thought the latter’s words sounded

‘Looks like no one can save you today. Join me in hell then!” Dustin declared.

Suddenly, he grabbed Dylan’s leg. Dustin forcibly dragged Dylan as he headed to the entrance.

No one dared to stop Dustin when he passed them.

Even Gideon, the general, could not hold him back. Who else would have the courage to step forward?

“Help! Someone help me!”

Dylan was frightened and panickedly shouted for help.

Fear was evident on his face. Deep down, he knew he’d die once Dustin dragged him out.

A clear and delicate female voice sounded from the door as Dylan fell into despair.

“The Scarlet Warrior is here!”

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