Chapter 1044

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Dustin and the others rushed to the operating room after receiving the news.

Still unconscious, Cecilia was being wheeled out. Beside her was something covered with a white sheet.

Dustin’s hands trembled as he lifted the white sheet. It was the baby’s lifeless body.

His eyes turned bloodshot, and he gritted his teeth. A wave of anger surged within him.

He had promised Nelson that he would protect Cecilia and their baby.

Now, not only were the mother and daughter severely injured and hospitalized, but Cecilia had also tragically lost her child.

It was an earth–shattering tragedy for him. Amidst the guilt and self–blame, he was overwhelmed with anger.

He was livid!

“How did this happen? We were fine when we left. How did …” Natasha’s face turned pale as she struggled to comprehend the situation.

Cecilia was nine months pregnant and about to give birth.

They couldn’t imagine the pain of losing a life that was growing in her.

“I’m sorry, we did our best.”

A doctor explained, “The fetus had already lost its life during the car accident. Saving the adult is the best we could have hoped for in this unfortunate situation.”

“Baby… My baby…”

At some point, Cecilia had already opened her eyes. Tears streamed down her face when she heard the doctor’s words.

But she didn’t even have the strength to cry as she was too weak.

“Cecilia, I’m sorry. It’s my fault that you all got involved in this.”

Natasha grabbed Cecilia’s hand. Her eyes were brimming with tears.

The accident was directed at her, yet Cecilia and her baby had been dragged in for no reason.

She felt responsible for the child’s death.

“Haley… How is Haley?” Cecilia snapped to her senses. Her grip on Natasha’s hand tightened.

“Haley is fine. She’s safe. She’ll be discharged in a few days,” Natasha reassured her.

Upon hearing that, Cecilia finally breathed a sigh of relief.

But when she thought of her baby, grief overwhelmed her.

As she cried and cried, exhaustion overcame her. She fell into a deep sleep again.

“Dylan!” Dustin clenched his fists tightly, his hatred burning intensely.

That bastard had crossed the line!

“Dad, I will never let him off the hook.” Natasha’s usually lively face darkened in anger.

Her eyes were cold. “The Harmons are viel demons! They need to learn their lesson!”

She didn’t want to fight each other for the sake of their past relationship. But the current situation made her realize that Dylan had lost all humanity.

He even planned the car accident to take her life. Facing such a beast, Natasha wouldn’t show any mercy!

Hector sighed but remained silent.

He knew there was no turning back after this incident. They were formally enemies now.

There would be major changes in the Harmon family.

The following morning, the Harmon family residence was filled with festive air.

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