Chapter 1045

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A red carpet was stretched from the house’s entrance to the reception hall.

Today marked the official announcement of Trent’s position as the patriarch of the Harmon family. It was previously acknowledged within the family but was now being publicly declared.

The Harmon family extended invitations to many guests and organized a banquet.

Anyone who had good relations with the Harmon family or wished to gain favor with them made their way to congratulate them.

The change in leadership meant that other influential families or figures would need to realign themselves with the Harmon family.

Meanwhile, Trent and the core members of the Harmon family gathered inside the conference room.

Compared to before, the number of people present had significantly decreased.

After the recent change, nearly half of the core members had been marginalized. Most people in the room were Trent’s trusted inner circle and allies.

“Trent, after today, you’ll be widely recognized as the patriarch of the Harmon family.

Congratulations!” Jacob offered his congratulations.

“Our patriarch is wise, formidable, and possesses great strategic vision. You are the outstanding leader of the Harmon family!”

“That’s right! I believe that under your leadership, the Harmon family will prosper even more!”

“Our patriarch is mighty!”

The members of the Harmon family praised and showered Trent with flattery.

Trent smiled in response. He was floating on cloud nine.

He had never realized that being the patriarch meant others would treat him as if he were majestic and awe–inspiring

The feeling of being respected by everyone else was wonderful

“I could only take over the position smoothly because of you guys. After this, I will reward you accordingly. I promise that no one will be left out!” Trent declared with a confident smile.

“Thank you, Mr. Harmon!”

The people in the room were overjoyed. They stood up and clapped to show their respect.

“Uncle Trent, today is the day you officially become the Harmon family’s patriarch. And Kate will be getting married in a few days. It’s truly a double blessing!” Dylan said with a smile.

“You’re absolutely right.”

Jacob nodded with a smile. “The Grant family is one of the top three influential families. Tyler is a rare talent. With such an outstanding son–in–law, you’ll soon be able to dominate the province!”

“Yes! By joining forces with the Grant family, we’re undoubtedly a formidable alliance.

Dominating the provincial capital is just around the corner!” Many others agreed.

Indeed, these two families could achieve something great together.

“Speaking of which, I don’t understand why Uncle Hector refused to ally with the Grants. Is it

really only because Natasha didn’t like Tyler?”

Dylan said in a mocking tone. “If that’s the case, it’s truly absurd!”

“That’s why Trent is the best candidate to become the patriarch. Hector is too indecisive,” Jacob praised Trent again.

“Speaking of Hector, I just recalled something.”

Trent tapped the table and looked at Dylan. “Dylan, any progress in the task I assigned you?”

“Uncle Hector is stubborn. I don’t think we’ll be able to get it through him.”

Dylan smirked, adding, “But I’ve found his weak spot. I believe he’ll willingly hand over the treasure map within two days.”

“The treasure map is very important. We must get it before the wedding!” Trent reminded sternly.

The treasure map was meant to be his daughter’s dowry. Without it, he didn’t know how to explain things to the Grant family.

“Uncle Trent, don’t worry. I guarantee that there will be no mistakes!” Dylan declared confidently.

“Great.” Trent nodded.

“Alright, Trent, it’s about time. Let’s go to the reception hall to meet the guests. There’s a VIP coming today who I believe will surprise you,” Jacob said, his smile hinting at something.

“Oh? Really? Then I’ll look forward to it.” Trent grinned and left the group with the others.

However, as soon as they stepped out the door, a Harmon family butler suddenly approached him with a gift box.

“Mr. Harmon, there’s a guest outside who asked me to deliver this gift to you,” the butler said, presenting the gift box with both hands.

“Oh? They’re surely eager to offer their respects.”

Trent chuckled and opened the gift box. But he was shocked at what he saw and threw the box away.

The gift box fell to the ground, and a bloody severed head rolled out.

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