Chapter 1043

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“Regarding this matter, I’ve already explained it to your father and Trent. The treasure map was stolen several years ago, and its whereabouts remain unknown,” Hector said.

“Uncle Hector, it sounds suspicious if you put it that way.”

Dylan grabbed a banana and casually peeled it. “The treasure map is a precious item. You’ve deemed it more valuable than your own life..

“How would you let someone steal it? Are you sure you didn’t secretly hide it for yourself?”

“Are you doubting me? Where’s your evidence?” Hector furrowed his brows

“Uncle Hector, the day has eyes, and the night has ears. We all know the truth.”

Dylan took a bite of the banana and grinned. “As your nephew, I advise you to consider handing it over soon. Otherwise, no one can guarantee that today’s events won’t repeat themselves.”

Everybody’s faces fell when they heard that. Especially Natasha, as her anger flared up.

She rushed forward and grabbed Dylan’s collar. “What did you just say? Are you saying you had a hand in today’s accident?”

“Don’t get so worked up. I was just making a casual remark.” Dylan smirked and continued eating his banana.

“Bastard! Natasha is your cousin. How dare yoù harm her? Are you even human?” Hector seethed with anger.

“Uncle Hector, I was just joking. Look at how tense you all are over this. Cool down.”

But then, Dylan suddenly became solemn. “Of course, if you still refuse to hand over the treasure map, that’s a different story.”

“Are you threatening me?” Hector’s face darkened.

“I won’t dare to do that. I’m just offering you a friendly reminder.”

Dylan smirked. “Uncle Hector, you’ve been in charge for many years and have made enemies.

“Without the Harmon family supporting you, your future days won’t be easy. I hope you’ll think it over carefully.

“I have other matters to attend to, so I won’t disturb you anymore. Goodbye.”

After saying that, he brushed off his sleeves, stood up, and headed towards the exit.

As he reached the door, he suddenly stopped again. He turned back and said, “Oh, I almost forgot

“Kate and Tyler will be having their wedding ceremony in five days. You’re all welcome to join us for the celebration.”

Then, he walked out the door.

“Hmph! He’s such a jerk! Just looking at him makes me sick!” Ruth spat.

“I underestimated their ambitions. I never thought they would even disregard family ties for the sake of the treasure map.” Hector sighed softly.

The Dylan they saw today shocked them. He appeared friendly on the surface, but his words were filled with veiled threats.

“They’ll be getting married in five days. It seems like Kate plans to use this treasure map as her dowry.” Natasha frowned.

With the threat of death hanging over them, it was clear that the Harmon family would likely take further actions if they didn’t give up the treasure map.

“Dustin, what do you think about this?” Ruth suddenly asked.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” Dustin said coldly.

Upon hearing his words, the group fell silent. They had yet to adapt to the sudden change of their relationship into enemies.

Did they really have to fight each other?

“Which one of you is Cecilia’s family member?” At that moment, a nurse rushed into the room.

“I’m a relative. What happened?” Dustin immediately stood up.

“After the rescue efforts, Cecilia is safe now. But unfortunately, she lost the baby she was carrying, the nurse said regretfully.


Everybody’s face fell when they heard that Dustin’s eyes turned cold. He exuded a murderous aura.

“Dylan! You’re dead meat!”

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