Chapter 1036

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“How dare you!”

“You arrogant bastard!”

Sean and the rest of them were riled up by Dustin’s words. He really had a death wish for being so rude to Ms. Forrest!

“You… You asked me to get lost?”

Elena had to take a moment to let Dustin’s words sink in. After a while, she shouted in frustration,

“You low–life peasant! You impudent asshole!

“I’ll teach you a good lesson today! Guards! Take him down!”

“Yes, Ms. Forrest!”

The guards did not hesitate. They pulled out their moves to take Dustin down.

As they collided, a few punching sounds were heard. Then, the men went flying. The guards who had rushed up to attack Dustin fell heavily to the ground, passing out on the spot.

Everyone was shocked by what they saw.

Everything had happened so fast that they could not even grasp what had happened.

Elena had ordered her guards, and they went up to Dustin. But then, they ended up out cold on the ground.

It took less than three seconds for all that to play out.

They hadn’t even wrapped their heads around the fact, and everything was already over. It was shocking.

“Well? Would anyone like to continue?”

Dustin stood there expressionlessly, like he had never moved since the very beginning.

“You! You bastard! Who the hell are you?” Sean instinctively cowered.

Damn it! He thought that Elena’s guards would be better than those he had brought along.

But still, they ended up flat on the ground within several moves. What a bunch of trash!

“No way! All these bodyguards from the Forrest family, and none of them can take down this guy?”

Mrs. Lansky and Mrs. Prewitt exchanged looks of disbelief. Astonishment was written all over their faces.

At that moment, even Elena lost her cool.

Her bodyguards were all well–trained elites. Every single one of them could take on ten men at once.

How was it possible that all of them put together couldn’t handle just one person?

“Forget it, Mr. Rhys. Let’s just go. There’s no need to make a big deal out of this.”

Seeing how bad things were looking, Cecilia persuaded Dustin to forget about it. She didn’t wish for him to offend others for her and Haley’s sake.

Though the Kirin Gang was quite powerful, the Forrest family was more influential. Things might get out of hand if they carry on fighting.

It was best to back off now before things got ugly.

“Go? In your dreams!”

Elena stood at the entrance, blocking their way out. “Do you think you can leave now that you’ve hurt my men?”

Beating up her men was a major bruise to her pride. She wasn’t going to let them off so easily!

“What? Are you asking for a good beating, too?” Dustin asked coldly.

“Hmph! I know that you’re a skilled fighter. But so what? The world doesn’t care about how well you fight. The world cares about your power and status!”

Elena held her head high and said proudly, “I’m giving you a second chance. Break both your arms, get down on your knees, and apologize.

“That’s the only way you’ll get to walk out of here with your life. You’ll be in serious trouble if you don’t!”

The Forrest family did not lack skilled fighters. There were so many of them that Elena had lost count.

This bastard could fight well. But she was sure he wouldn’t stand a chance against any of the

Forrest family fighters.

“You bastard! Don’t think you’re all that great just because you’ve defeated several bodyguards.

You can handle 10 of them, but can you handle 100 of them? 1000 of them?

“You better surrender if you know what’s good for you! You’ll regret angering the Forrest family!”

Sean shouted.

“You overestimate yourself! Do you think a peasant like you is fit to challenge such a powerful family from Oakvale?” Mrs. Lansky, Mrs. Prewitt, and several others sniggered.

No matter how strong Dustin was, he was nothing compared to such an influential family.

“My patience is running thin. If you don’t get lost, don’t be surprised when I get rough.” Dustin was annoyed:

“Get rough?” Elena scoffed.

She said, “Come on then, try me. I’d like to see if you’ve got the guts!”

She had barely finished her sentence when Dustin delivered a slap straight at Elena’s face.

A crisp sound echoed as Elena was slapped across the face. It had been so hard that she lost her footing and saw stars.

Luckily for her, Sean was supporting her, so she did not fall down.

“How very noisy.”

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