Chapter 1037

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Dustin looked extremely pissed. He rarely treated women harshly. But since Elena was being a bitch, things were different.

The crowd gasped when they saw Elena being slapped.

Was this guy crazy? It was one thing to beat up the Forrest family guards. But he went and slapped Ms. Forrest, too?

She was the eldest daughter of an esteemed family!

How could he have slapped her? Did he not fear death?

“How dare you slap me?” Elena roared as she cupped her stinging cheek. She stared at Dustin in disbelief.

Nobody had ever dared lay a finger on her since she was born, much less slap her! It was humiliating!

“Hey! Why do you lot keep repeating the same thing? Don’t you have anything else to say?” Dustin had had it with them.

“I–I’ll make you pay!” Elena shrieked before launching herself at Dustin.

“Elena! Calm down! Calm down!”

Sean was startled. He immediately went forward and pulled Elena back.

She was putting herself in danger by attacking Dustin!

“That’s enough!” A pretty woman walked in.

Not only did she have a pretty face, but her figure was perfect, too. And most importantly, the cool.

Vibe she gave off was refreshing, like a breeze cutting through the summer heat.

“Dahlia?” Dustin’s eyes widened in shock when he saw her. He never expected to see her here.

“Ugh, fancy meeting her here.” Natasha scrunched her nose in displeasure.

She had been standing a little way to the back, looking at everything airily. But when Dahlia appeared, she grew tense.

This was her greatest love rival. She had to take things seriously. Things would be terrible if Dahlia tried to take Dustin back.

“Why are you here, Dahlia?” Natasha walked up to her, her gaze sharp and wary.

She looked like she was ready for a face–off.

They were two stunning beauties with vastly different vibes about them. They looked like a painting when they stood together.

Even the onlooking women’s breaths were taken away.

“Who are you? Do I know you?” Dahlia looked her up and down coldly.

“My, are you so busy that you’ve gotten forgetful now, Ms. Nicholson? You don’t remember me now that we haven’t met in a while?” Natasha raised a brow.

“Have we met before? Why don’t I have any recollection of you?” Dahlia frowned, looking confused.

“What excellent acting! Keep it going, then. I guess you’ve disregarded me.”

Natasha’s expression went cold as she exuded a commanding presence.

“Natasha…” Dustin tugged on Natasha’s shirt from behind.

“She’s suffering from amnesia. She’s forgotten about a lot of things,” he whispered.

“Amnesia?” Natasha stared at Dustin wide–eyed.

“Is that true?”

“It sure is.”

Dustin nodded earnestly. “Not only does she not remember you, she doesn’t remember me either, Most of her memories within the last three years have vanished.”

“What? She’s forgotten about you too? Hahaha! That’s amazing!”

Natasha could not hold back her joy as she laughed out loud. But then she saw Dustin’s serious expression and decided it wasn’t too nice of her to take joy in others‘ misfortune.

So she wiped the smile off her face and pretended to be sorry.

She sighed. “Why would she lose her memories all of a sudden? What a pity. Truly a pity indeed. Hehehe!” 2

In the end, she still failed to hold back her giggles.

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