Chapter 1035

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The bodyguards pushed their way violently through the crowd, forcefully clearing a path.

When they were finally done clearing a wide and clear path, Elena showed up looking like a princess.

She was gorgeous, and the clothes she wore were expensive. Matched with her elegant bearing, it was clear that she was no ordinary person.

“Elena! You’re finally here!”

Sean’s eyes instantly lit up when he saw her. He quickly went up to her and began groaning,” Look! Look at my face!

“See what they’ve done to me! You must make them pay for this!“.

Elena reached out and held Sean’s chin, turning his face this way and that. Her expression swiftly darkened.

“Who was it? Who did this to you?”

She had three criteria for her men. First, they must be handsome. Second, they had to be good in bed. And finally, they must be able to please her.

Now that Sean’s handsome face had been destroyed, it was almost like her personal property had. been destroyed. She wouldn’t take it sitting down.

“It was him!” Sean pointed at Dustin.

He continued fiercely, “He was the one who beat me up. He even threatened to beat you up, too!”

“Oh?” Elena’s gaze swept over to him.

She asked loudly. “How dare you beat up my man? How arrogant of you!”

“And who are you to be yapping away here?” Dustin looked Elena up and down impatiently.

They just seemed to keep appearing, one after another. Was there no end to them?

“You rude bastard! You better watch your mouth!”

Sean glared at him, finally gaining courage now that Elena was there.

“Do you know who this is? Let me tell you, this is Ms. Forrest. She is the most powerful and influential elite in Oakvale!”

An uproar broke out among the crowd.

“What? The Forrest family from Oakvale? They are one of the most prestigious families there is!”

“No way! Why would Ms. Forrest come here?”

“Oh no, he’s gotten himself into some serious trouble now. Nothing good will ever come of offending Ms. Forrest.”

The onlookers whispered among themselves. They marveled at Elena’s status.

At the same time, they also expressed their pity and worry at what was going to happen to Dustin.

An influential person in Oakvale could easily defeat anyone in Millsburg.

“Hey, bastard, scared now? Are your legs shaking already?” Sean taunted gleefully with his chest puffed out.

With someone from the Forrest family there to back him up, he had nothing to fear!

“Haha! Weren’t you really arrogant earlier? Why are you so quiet now? You coward!” Mrs. Lansky challenged proudly.

“You brought this on yourself! This is what you get for offending Mrs. Lansky! I’d like to see what would happen to you now!” Mrs. Prewitt sneered, gloating over Dustin’s misfortune.

Peasants should know their place. If they do not have a death wish, they should not provoke the elites.

“You will pay for beating up my men,” Elena said arrogantly.

“Break both your hands. Then get on your knees and apologize to my boyfriend. This is an order!

“Perhaps then, I’ll consider sparing your worthless life.”

“What an idiot!” Dustin retorted.

He continued, “Who do you think you are to behave so boldly in front of me? You better get lost, or you’ll be sorry!”

“You… What did you say?”

Elena was startled. She could not believe her ears. How dare anyone speak to her like that?

“Did you not hear me the first time? Fine. I’ll repeat myself.”

Dustin took two steps forward and spoke even louder, pausing after every word. “Get. Lost. Or I’ll.

Beat. You. Up too!”

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