Chapter 1034

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Half an hour later, as Elena was still chatting with Dahlia, she received a call.

Upon answering it, she heard Sean’s sobbing.

“Elena I’ve been beaten up. Quick, get some men here to back me up. The bastard is wild!”

“What? Even you were beaten up?” Elena frowned. “What happened? Didn’t I send two bodyguards with you?”

All her guards were carefully picked. No regular thugs would be able to mess with them.

“They weren’t much help at all! They were beaten up within seconds! Even I was implicated!” Sean sounded indignant.

“Didn’t you make use of the Forrest family name?” Elena asked.

“Of course I did! But that only got the rascal beating us up even worse!” Sean cried out amidst sobs.

“What? He carried on even after knowing you were related to the Forrest family?”

Elena was infuriated. “How dare a mere thug behave so arrogantly? Stay there! I’ll be there in a bit!”

“Okay. Hurry! I’ll try my best to hold him back,” Sean said.

“Ms. Forrest, sounds like you’re in a bit of trouble. Do you need any help?” Dahlia asked.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing to be concerned about. But if you’re interested in being in on the fun, you’re welcome to join, Ms. Dahlia.” Elena grinned.

“Sure. I haven’t got anything better to do either. I’ll go with you.” Dahlia nodded.

Elena had just given her two billion. She thought that it was only fair that she helped her out.

They left the restaurant and gathered a few of Elena’s bodyguards. Then, they went over to Golden Apple Kindergarten.

Over at the kindergarten, Sean and his sister, Mrs. Lansky, huddled together in a corner as they shuddered uncontrollably.

Sean had been all sorts of haughty when he had arrived, pointing at others and ordering them around. But after several slaps from Dustin, he actually started crying.

“You bastard! Don’t you dare leave! My backup will be here any moment now! They’ll show you!” Though Sean was sobbing, he still wasn’t backing down.

Ever since he’d started dating Elena, his life had been a breeze. Everyone he met started to show him respect and treated him politely.

But this thug, not only did he disregard the Forrests, he even slapped him! Multiple times! How dare he!

“What? Have you not received enough slaps yet? Are you asking for more?” Dustin raised his hand.

That frightened Sean so much that he quickly hid behind his sister. “You can be arrogant all you want now, you bastard! But I’ll make sure you end up crying in a bit!” he shouted cowardly.

“That’s right! We’ll see that you end up crying!” Mrs. Lansky echoed.

“Please calm down, all of you. Why don’t we just forget about all this and call it a day?” Vernon suggested, trying to smooth things over.

It went without saying that he’d side with his wife, but he couldn’t afford to offend the Harmons either. So, he could only try to appease both sides.

“Shut up! You useless piece of trash!”

Sean seemed to have finally found someone he could take out his frustration on. “My sister and I have been beaten up, and you, an inspector, did nothing about it!

“You’re nothing but a coward! How I wish I didn’t have such a useless brother–in–law! You should file for a divorce tomorrow!”

“Yes! A divorce! We’ll get divorced tomorrow!” Mrs. Lansky was furious. She considered herself extremely unlucky to have gotten married to a coward.

“You… you guys are being unreasonable!” Vernon exclaimed exasperatedly.

He was used to them being rude on the regular, but things were different now!

The Harmons were extremely influential! Apart from the Tremendous Three and a handful of other underworld powers, nobody dared to cross them.

“Make way! Make way, all of you!” As the crowd bickered, several burly bodyguards made their way in.

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