Chapter 1032

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“Huh?” Mrs. Prewitt was in a daze, cradling her cheek and feeling utterly bewildered.

Why did Vernon hit her when she was helping him? What on earth was happening?

“What are you still standing there for? Apologize!” Vernon landed another slap across her face.

He didn’t dare provoke influential figures. However, he could easily control an insignificant headmistress.

“I–I’m sorry… “Mrs. Prewitt was aggrieved as she gritted out the words.

Although she wasn’t sure what was going on, it was clear that this bitch was someone important. Otherwise, Inspector Lansky wouldn’t have reacted that way.

“Ms. Harmon, I apologize for not noticing you earlier.” After punishing Mrs. Prewitt, Vernon was full of smiles.

“May I know what brings you here, Ms. Harmon?”

“This is my man, and this is my goddaughter.”

Natasha didn’t hold back her words. “Your wife assaulted my goddaughter earlier.

“My man then assaulted your wife in retaliation to protect her. This is considered self–defense, don’t you think?”

“Huh?” Vernon was taken aback and nodded immediately.

“That’s right! It was in self–defense! It was my mistake. I almost apprehended an innocent man. My wife was in the wrong. I’ll apologize in her stead. I’ll make sure she behaves from now on.


The crowd had strange expressions as they watched Vernon be overly polite. No one expected the usually imposing and arrogant Inspector Lansky to have such a humble side to him.

Who exactly was this beautiful woman in front of them?

“I don’t want your apology. She has to apologize,” Dustin suddenly spoke.

“You’re right, mister. The offender should be the one to apologize.” Vernon forced a smile and helped his wife, whose face was bruised and battered, up.

“You assaulted someone earlier. Hurry up and apologize!”

“Apologize? Why should I?”

Mrs. Lansky pushed Vernon away and cursed at him, “You coward! Your son and wife are being man?”

“Shut it!” Vernon glared at her.

“This is the young lady of the Harmon family. Watch your words!”

“So what if she’s from the Harmons? Do you think I’m afraid?”

Mrs. Lansky had a hideous expression as she said, “Never mind the decline of the Harmons. Even if they were in their prime, I wouldn’t be afraid!

“Don’t forget, my brother is a high–ranking official in Oakvale. How can the Harmons even compare?”

“Y–You… Can you stop talking?” Vernon was panicking. He repeatedly signaled her to stop.

On the surface, that little brother–in–law of his held an official position in Oakvale. But in reality, he was nothing more than a freeloader.

He relied on a wealthy young lady to secure his current position. He was even often flaunting his influence.

Once he lost his backing, he would end up in trouble.

Ultimately, true skills were needed to have lasting success. Relying on looks and connections wouldn’t get him far.

“I’ll say whatever I want!” Mrs. Lansky put her hands on her hips, looking a mess.

“Since you’re a coward who won’t stand up for us, I’ll get my brother to teach these idiots a lesson!”

“That’s enough! Don’t make things worse!” Vernon was getting a headache.

“I’m going to make it worse! I’m not afraid!” Mrs. Lansky ignored his pleas and took out her phone.

She started to make calls asking for help.

After she hung up, she issued a final threat, “Stay if you dare! The first to leave is a coward!”

“Alright, I’ll wait. I’m curious to see who you can summon here,” Natasha replied with an icy glare. In Oakvale, there weren’t many officials who were higher–ranking than her grandfather.

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