Chapter 1031

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Mrs. Prewitt reminded him.


After Vernon took a closer look, his eyes widened instantly.

“W–What happened to you?”

“It was him… That bastard did this to me!” With a trembling hand, Mrs. Lansky pointed at Dustin.

Vernon’s gaze followed the direction his wife was pointing at.

“It was you?” His expression turned dark.

“You hit my wife?” he roared.

“Yes, it was me.” Dustin nodded and admitted to it plainly.

“This bitch was being unreasonable. I was only teaching her a lesson.”

“You’ve got nerves! How dare you teach my wife a lesson?” Vernon had a dark and hostile look to him.

“Why don’t you tell me how you plan on dealing with this matter?”

Everyone had to show him respect in this area. If Dustin dared hit his wife, he had to either have a powerful background or be a naive hothead.

Before being sure of his identity, Vernon had left some room for negotiation.

“If this bitch apologizes to us, I’ll let today’s incident slide,” Dustin said impassively.

“What? Apologize?”

His words left everyone in shock.

Was this kid crazy? He wanted the victim to apologize?

He even said it in front of Vernon. He had no respect for the inspector at all!

“You bastard! Do you know what you just said?”

Before Vernon had the chance to speak, Mrs. Prewitt couldn’t hold back any longer.

She screamed, “This is Inspector Lansky from the Investigation Bureau! He’s above everyone else!

How dare you make a scene in front of him? You must be tired of living!”

Inspector Lansky held the second–highest position in the Investigation Bureau. It wasn’t an

“What an impudent bastard! Hurry up and catch him, then subject him to severe punishment!”

Mrs. Lansky said through gritted teeth.

Her eyes gleamed with malice. It was as if she wished to skin Dustin alive.

“Young man, you sure are arrogant for someone who just assaulted my wife. Who exactly do you have backing you up?”

Vernon narrowed his eyes as they glinted with anger. It was evident that he was close to losing his temper.

“You wanted to resolve this matter. Are you now unhappy with the outcome?” Dustin countered.

“Hmph! Since you’re so ungrateful, don’t blame me for upholding the law!”

Vernon waved as he yelled, “Take him into custody!”

“Yes, sir!”

A few officers behind him took out their handcuffs, ready to make arrests.

“Hold on!” Just then, Natasha, who had been silently observing the situation stepped forward.

Her beautiful appearance and charismatic temperament immediately stole everyone’s attention

“Ms. Harmon… ?” Vernon’s pupils dilated. He felt uneasy.

What was the young lady of the Harmons doing here?

“Inspector Lansky, I saw what had happened earlier. It was your wife who assaulted someone first. You should be apprehending her instead!” Natasha said coldly.

“Pfft! Where did this bitch come from? How dare you tell Inspector Lansky what to do?”

Feeling brave with Vernon there, Mrs. Prewitt glared at Natasha. She threatened, “I’m warning you. to just stand aside. Otherwise, they will take you in too!”

As soon as she spoke, Vernon slapped her across the face.

He yelled, “You damned woman! Is that how you speak to people? Hurry up and apologize to Ms. Harmon!

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