Chapter 1033

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Over in a high–end restaurant, several well–dressed young people gathered together. They chatted as they sipped on some wine.

“Dahlia, I really envy you for being favored by Sir Mosey. Congratulations on becoming his goddaughter!”

A young lady dressed in red smiled brightly at Dahlia, appearing very enthusiastic.

She was Elena Forrest, the eldest daughter of the Forrest family. The Forrest family was one of Oakvale’s eight great families.

“I heard that Sir Mosey has been in a war for many years and has no kids. You must be extremely talented and kind for him to take you as his goddaughter,” a vain–looking man said with a smile.

The man was Sean Hoovey, Elena’s boyfriend. He was a smooth talker who charmed his way through life.

“Dahlia, why don’t you tell us how you got to know him?” Elena could not contain her curiosity.

Sir Mosey generally avoided crowds and was a very reserved person. He was rarely ever seen around large groups of people.

Hence, it was shocking to hear that he had suddenly visited Millsburg. He had even found himself a god–daughter.

Many influential people in Oakvale had gathered to find out what it was all about when they heard about it.

“Well, it was pure coincidence.”

Dahlia took a sip of her wine. Then, she began, “Five days ago, I noticed someone had gotten into a traffic accident right outside my house.

“He nearly lost his life in the accident, so I quickly sent him to the hospital. I didn’t know then that the person was Sir Mosey.”

“What? That’s it?” Elena was pretty taken aback and bewildered by Dahlia’s explanation.

She had thought that there was some big secret behind it. It turned out that Sir Mosey had only taken Dahlia as his goddaughter to repay her kindness for saving his life.

“What more were you expecting?” Dahlia shrugged.

It had been nothing but a coincidence that she happened to save Sir Mosey. As for him taking her as his goddaughter, there were several reasons behind it.

Isn’t it weird that Sir Mosey would get into an accident? He’s such a wise and courageous man,” Elena muttered to herself. Something about it felt off to her.

“Ms Forrest, didn’t you say you had business to talk about? Why are we discussing my private matters now?” Dahlia asked, trying to change the topic.

“Oh, I–I was just curious” Elena forced a smile and quickly signaled at Sean beside her.

He got the message and pulled out a document. Handing it to Dahlia courteously, he said, “Ms. Dahlia, this is a proposal for our collaboration. Please have a look.”

Dahlia went through the document carefully. “Oh? Two billion?” She raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“Ms. Forrest, aren’t you being too generous? From the looks of it, you’re basically giving me money straight up!”

“It’s only two billion. It doesn’t amount to much. I’ll consider it a good deal as long as you’re happy with it.

“After all, we’re friends now,” Elena said with a smile.

Coming from a prestigious family, two billion was nothing to her. But if spending it would give her the opportunity to be acquainted with Sir Mosey, then it was money well spent.

“Alright, since you’re sincere with the offer, I hope our collaboration works out well.” Dahlia accepted Elena’s proposal and offered her hand.

“I’m sure things will work out just fine!” Elena beamed brightly and shook Dahlia’s outstretched hand.

Just then, Sean’s phone began ringing.

His expression immediately darkened after answering the call.

“What? You were beaten up? At the kindergarten? Alright! I’ll be there right away!

“Wait there. I’ll make them pay!”

“What happened? Why are you so worked up?” Elena asked.

“Elena, some rascal beat my sister up. I need to go over and check things out,” Sean explained.

“Go on then Don’t waste too much time.” Elena gave him a dismissive wave. She wasn’t too bothered by it.

He could deal with some random rascal himself.

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