Chapter 1018

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Looking at Abigail, who was consumed with sorrow in his arms, Dustin sighed and reached out to pat her back.

“Mr. Robinson is gone now. Don’t worry, I’m here. From now on, I’ll be your family. I promise I’ll never let anyone bully you,” he comforted.

“Why? What did I do wrong?” Abigail kept wailing in pain.

“My mom has left me, and now even my dad is gone! I don’t understand! Why is this happening to me? Why?”

Michael had been righteous throughout his entire lifetime. He had never done anything bad. Even if someone had set him up, he wouldn’t harbor any resentment, let alone seek revenge.

Abigail just couldn’t figure out why such a person would end up dying so miserably.

Weren’t good people supposed to be rewarded?

If that were the case, she would rather be a villain!

“Kid, you’ll have to depend on yourself for everything,” Penelope Solace said faintly.

Then, she added, “Remember, in order to survive, you must be strong. You have to be powerful to the point that you can change, the world and have everyone fear you.”

Hearing that, Abigail trembled. She turned around. “Who are you?”

“Me?” Penelope shot her a slight smile. “I’m your grandmother.”

“Grandmother?” Abigail was stunned. “Why have I never heard of you?”

“We hadn’t had the chance to meet, so it’s not surprising that you don’t know me. But it’s okay. I’ll protect you from now on. No one will dare bully you,” Penelope said, her gaze filled with affection.

“She is a carbon copy of her mother,” Penelope thought.

“Sir, is she telling the truth?” Abigail didn’t quite believe her.

“She is indeed your maternal grandmother, but-”

“You didn’t have to add ‘maternal,” Penelope interrupted.

No matter what, Abigail was still her granddaughter.

“Abigail, your grandmother is from the Mystic Arts Order. It doesn’t exactly have a good reputation. When Mr. Robinson was still alive, he told me not to involve you in it.” Dustin’s expression was solemn.

“Are you really my grandmother?” Abigail asked as she trembled.

“Of course.” Penelope nodded. “The bloodline in your body has been awakened. Follow me back.

You’ll then be the Grand Sorceress in the future and can kill whoever you want.”

“I…” Abigail didn’t know what to say..

The sudden presence of a grandmother had caught her off guard. It left her mind in a mess.

“Abigail, the Mystic Arts Order isn’t a good place for you. You have better choices,” Dustin persuaded.

“Mystic arts suit her the most. Once Abigail returns to us, I’ll carefully train her. I believe she’ll be able to suppress you soon,” Penelope said with her head slightly held up high.

“Cultivation is indeed important. But if she goes astray because of this, she will only regret it for the rest of her life,” Dustin retorted.

“What do you mean by going astray? Unlike the hypocrites from those sects, the Mystic Arts Order is always clear about right and wrong. Don’t tarnish our reputation,” Penelope warned.

“Abigail, the choice is yours. Do you want to leave with me or join the Mystic Arts Order?” Dustin asked.

Abigail fell into silence. After thinking about it for a while, she slowly looked up at him.

“Sir, I’ve decided to go with my grandmother,” Abigail said firmly.

“Great! I expect nothing less from my granddaughter!” Penelope was overjoyed.

After waiting for so long, she finally found a successor.

“Abigail, once you enter the Mystic Arts Order, there’ll be no turning back. At that time, it’ll be too late for regrets.” Dustin frowned.

The Mystic Arts Order was the most formidable dark faction in existence. Once Abigail became its- Grand Sorceress, not only would she be criticized, but she would also be hunted down by martial artists.

The price was too high.

“Sir, I know you meant well, but I have to go. I want to be powerful and seek revenge. I want everyone to fear me. If nice people can’t live long and their tormentors can, then I’d rather go on the wrong path.”

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