Chapter 1019

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“I want to slaughter all these hypocrites and kill everyone that deserves to die! I will overturn this fake, wretched world of the martial arts for good!”

Abigail looked determined as she stressed every word. The menacing air she exuded left the others shuddering in fear.

Dustin couldn’t help but sigh when he heard her. He knew Abigail had changed.

She was no longer the kind, innocent woman she was before.

Yet, he couldn’t blame her. Her father had risked his life to save everyone. But he was driven to death by the very people he saved.

Who exactly was to blame? She had been pushed to this point!

Since there was no reward for kindness, it was only right for kindness to be forsaken. Since justice wasn’t served, it was only right for evil to spread.

“Abigail, whatever you decide, I will support you.” Dustin stroked Abigail’s head.

He told her gently, “Remember, I’ll always stand by your side. If you ever feel mistreated, just come back. Even if everyone is against you, I’ll protect you.”

“Okay!” Abigail nodded solemnly, her eyes brimming with tears.

“Madam Penelope, I hope you will take good care of Abigail.”

Dustin turned his attention to Penelope. He said firmly, “If the members of the Mystic Arts Order dare bully her, I will make sure to end all of you.”

“Oh?” The corner of Penelope’s lips curved up into a smile. She was amused.

She said, “Kid, you’re the first who dares speak to me that way.”

“Since you know my identity, you should know that the Rhys family never goes back on their word.” Dustin’s gaze was unwavering.

“Hahaha… Interesting, very interesting.” Penelope chuckled.

Instead of getting angry, she seemed to appreciate his temper. The stranger his temper was, the more she liked it.

“Abigail, until we meet again.”

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