Chapter 1020

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Dustin patted Abigail’s shoulder.

He picked up the Shadowbloom and turned around to leave. He wasn’t able to stop her since she already made a choice. He could only wish her the best.

“Goodbye, sir.”

As Abigail watched him leave, she bit her lips, tears streaming down her face. After today, she wasn’t sure when she would ever see him again.

“Abigail, do you want me to kill these scum for you?“:

Penelope swept a glance across the various sects. A red glint flashed in her eyes.

It unnerved everyone present. They broke out in cold sweat, trembling from fear.

Yet, they didn’t dare move. They were like a group of lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

“No need! I will take revenge myself!” Abigail declined immediately.

With a chilling gaze, she took a good look around, remembering everyone’s faces.

“Listen up, you scum! I’m letting you go today, but this is not out of kindness. Because one day, I will kill every one of you!

“Don’t you ever forget! One day, I will make you pay back tenfold–no, a hundredfold for what you’ve done today.

“I’m going to torment you endlessly and make you suffer unbearable pain. I will make you die a slow, agonizing death while drowning in fear and despair!

“Before that, you must do everything you can to stay alive! I must be the one to take your lives! “Wait for me! Vengeance will be mine!”

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