Chapter 1017

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The crowd exchanged glances, filled with anger and resentment. However, Ronald was too powerful. They dared not go against him.

“Both of you, go and finish off that guy. I’ll reward you generously once you’re done.” Ronald casually pointed at two martial artists.


Shocked, the martial artists immediately waved their hands.

“Sir Reeds, we aren’t his match at all! We are too weak!”

“Cut the crap! Do as I say or die!” Ronald shouted.

Upon hearing that, the two martial artists turned pale and nearly collapsed. Either fight against Dustin or be executed by Ronald. There was no third option.

“Why don’t you fight with me instead of using them as your scapegoats, Ronald?” Dustin shouted.

“Hmph! Stop putting on an act. Your internal injuries have resurfaced. I doubt you can even stand properly now.” Ronald sneered.

“Oh? Since you’re so sure about it, bring it on.” Dustin beckoned for him to come over.

“I don’t need to deal with a small fry like you. These two are more than enough!”

As he spoke, he struck the ground at the feet of the two martial artists with his palm, creating a hole.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and attack! Do you want to be punished?”

The two martial artists had no choice but to steel themselves and advance. If they met their end at Dustin’s hands, they could at least leave behind an honorable legacy.

They wouldn’t have to worry about being labeled as cowards.

“Fuck! Whatever!”

Upon getting closer to Dustin, they exchanged a glance. Then, at the same time, they charged at him.

With a frown, Dustin swiftly wielded his sword in response.

The two martial artists froze in their tracks. The next second, their heads fell, rolling onto the ground.

After his move, Dustin suddenly turned pale. He lost his balance and fell to the ground, coughing

He was drenched in sweat, and his breathing grew labored.

His previous imposing demeanor was gone.

Ronald was right. Dustin was indeed on his last leg.

The fact that he was able to hold on this long was already an exceptional feat. After all, he had suffered several injuries.

The unceasing battles had drained his energy. The last strike with his sword had sapped the last bits of it.

He thought he would be able to intimidate the martial artists with that move earlier. But Ronald still saw him through.

“See? I told you that he was on his last legs! Anyone else unconvinced?” Ronald laughed brazenly. He was brimming with self–satisfaction.

“It seems like it’s over for him. You’re a wise man, Sir Reeds!”

“After fighting for so long, he’s finally running out of strength. It’s incredible that he managed to hold on this long!”

“Damn! So it was just a bluff! He scared me earlier. I’m so going to pay it back to him later!”

Seeing that Dustin had collapsed, the martial artists regained their confidence. They began to act arrogantly, putting on false bravado.

“Azalea!” Supporting himself with the Celestial Blade, Dustin struggled to stand up.

He took out a Shadowbloom and threw it at her. “Take this flower and leave with Abigail! I’ll cover for you!”

“Can you still hold on?” Azalea frowned.

“I can only hold them back for ten minutes. The rest depends on you now.” Dustin took a deep breath, and his gaze turned sharp once again.

“Take care!” Azalea said nothing else. She carried the unconscious Abigail with her and ran away.

“Get them! None of them is allowed to leave!” Ronald ordered.

The martial artists dared not hesitate and immediately ran over to stop them.

Dustin slowly raised his sword, bracing himself for one last battle.

But then, it suddenly began to snow. Snowflakes danced gracefully in the air, softly drifting down to the ground.

The few martial artists at the forefront didn’t notice anything unusual. They let the snowflakes fall on them.

However, upon contact, the snowflakes instantly exploded, releasing a staggering surge of energy.

Before the martial artists could react, they were blown up on the spot. The ground was soaked in pools of blood.

Everyone was shocked!

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