Chapter 1014

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“Die! I want all of you to die!” Abigail screamed in rage and grief, her eyes red. Her white hair danced in the air.

She resembled someone who had gone astray.

All of a sudden, her body trembled. She spat out a mouthful of blood and collapsed on the ground.

Her earlier attack had drained all of her energy. She was now at the mercy of others.

Abigail could barely hang on.

“Abigail!” Azalea, who was disheveled, immediately got up and ran over to Abigail. After making sure that Abigail was still alive, she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

As expected, she was the daughter of the Grand Sorceress, after all. Now that her seal was broken, her true abilities had been completely awakened.

As long as Abigail could pull this through, she would undergo a powerful revival!

“That power was way too terrifying!”

“Demon! She’s a demon!“.

Looking at the wreckage around them, everyone was in shock and fear. They never thought someone as delicate as Abigail could unleash such terrifying energy.

“That was so close! I almost died!” Graham swallowed hard.

If he had suffered the blow head–on earlier, even as a grandmaster, he would’ve been vaporized on the spot.

“Who is she exactly?” Theodore frowned as a cold shiver ran down his spine.

While he was relieved to have survived the attack, he was even more consumed by fear and caution.

“We have to get rid of the demon, lest she bring calamity upon the people!” Orson said coldly. His once compassionate eyes were now tinged with killing intent.

“That’s right! Her power is too terrifying. If we don’t kill her today, we won’t be able to live peacefully in times ahead!” Graham added.

Michael had died because of them, and now they shared a blood feud with Abigail. If they let her go, she would no doubt seek revenge on them.

“What are you waiting for? She is a menace. Whoever kills her will be a great hero of the entire martial world!” Theodore shouted.

“Let’s get rid of the demon for justice!” Graham raised his arm.

“Yes! Let’s do it now! If she wakes up later, we are going to suffer again!”

“Exactly! We have to finish her off, or else we’ll have to die!”

“Kill her! Kill the demon!”

Seeing that Abigail was unconscious, the martial artists‘ courage surged once more. They drew out their weapons and immediately charged at her.

Abigail’s presence posed a great danger. Now that things had reached this point, there was only two option: their lives or hers.

“Let me see who dares to hurt my disciple!”

Dustin suddenly descended from above and stood in front of Abigail. He emanated à strong murderous intent, and his gaze was hostile.

Such intense intimidation once again stopped the martial artists in their tracks.

Dustin had been locked in battle with Ronald earlier. He could only watch as they drove Michael to his death.

Fortunately, the sudden appearance of the black phoenix stopped his fight. It gave him a chance to protect Abigail.

“Punk, this demon has harmed countless people! Why are you still protecting her?” Theodore spat.

“Hmph! You’re not a good person, either. Leave or suffer together!” Graham threatened.

To them, Abigail was more dangerous than Dustin at the moment.

“Demon? Bullshit!” Dustin snorted.

“You’re just a bunch of selfish people. You twist the truth, prey on the weak, and engage in shameless actions for your own benefit.

“You claim yourselves as heroes of justice while causing harm to the innocent. Don’t you think you’re the true demons?” he asked.

“How insolent!”

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