Chapter 1015

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Theodore glared at him. “We are doing this for the greater good. If you insist on protecting her, you’ll end up going against the entire martial world!”

“That’s right! Hand her over now, or you’ll be our enemy!” Graham shouted.

“Cease your harmful actions, and you may achieve instant enlightenment,” Orson said. He looked compassionate again.

“For the greater good? Your enemy?” Dustin snorted.

He continued, “If the martial world is full of selfish, immoral people like you, I don’t mind being your enemy. Didn’t you say that I’m a demon? I’ll just be one, then!

“Whoever hurts my disciple will die! Go ahead. Try me! Let’s see if I can kill you with my evil powers! Bring it on!”

Dustin suddenly took a step forward. He gave off a strong wave of lethal hostility. For a moment, even Theodore, Graham, and Orson were stunned.

They wondered if Dustin had gone insane. How could he go against the entire martial world?

“Don’t panic, everyone!” Right then, Ronald stepped forward.

He shouted, “He’s injured. He can barely hold on for much longer!”

Upon hearing that, they all instantly perked up. They thought Dustin was putting up a front.

“Heed my command! Kill him!”

With that, Ronald lunged forward and led the attack. The rest of the martial artists followed suit.

They charged into the fray aggressively.


Seeing that, Dustin took a deep breath and pointed at the sky. “Celestial Blade!” he shouted.

Right then, the sound of a long sword being unsheathed resonated. A black ray shot up from the ground like a thunderbolt and soared into the sky.

Its incredibly fast speed left a long, black trail in the sky. It resembled a flying black dragon at first glance.

“Strike!” Dustin waved his hand.

With a swish, the sword changed its direction. It transformed into a black beam, pressing down on the people on the ground.

When the sword aura erupted, countless black rays burst out in an instant. Hundreds of martial artists were torn apart and died on the spot.

Theodore’s arm was severed, and blood was gushing from his wound.

Graham slumped onto the ground, coughing up blood after being sent flying across the air.

Meanwhile, Orson was blinded. He screamed in agony as his face was left disfigured.

All the disciples from their sects and various others suffered heavy injuries.

Blood was everywhere. It was a hellish sight!

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