Chapter 1013

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All the plants and trees within a 20–foot radius were frozen. A phoenix pattern suddenly appeared behind Abigail. It was the seal within her body.

Under extreme sadness and hatred, her true ability gradually awakened, breaking the seal.

Streaks of golden rays pierced through her body. It transformed into a huge golden phoenix in the air.

Radiant with colorful feathers, the phoenix unfurled its wings. Its eyes were filled with disdain.

As expected of the king of birds, its power was evidently mighty.

“Die! Go and die! I want to kill each and every single one of you!” Abigail roared. Her eyes were red and hostile.

At this moment, her hair was starting to turn white. In a flash, she was completely white–haired.

Then, a deadly energy surged forth from within her body.

Under the influence of the negative energy, the golden phoenix began to transform. It turned into a sinister black phoenix.

Its gaze was laced with murderous intent, intense loathing, and overwhelming resentment. One look alone would intimidate anyone.

“D–Demon! She’s a demon!” The martial artists were frightened. They immediately stopped moving forward.

None of them had expected to see something like this. The black phoenix was like the God of

Death, ready to bring ruin to everything on Earth.

“What’s going on? Why does she have such a terrible power?”

Theodore, Graham, and Orson were in shock. Despite being grandmasters, they could sense death were closing in on them. It was even more terrifying than when they faced Michael.

“Die!” Abigail yelled.

She unleashed the deadly energy.

As if the phoenix had received a command, it emitted a piercing cry and transformed into a streak of black light. It hurtled toward the crowd.


Scared out of their wits, the three grandmasters immediately turned to flee. Their instinct had told them to run.. before their disciples could react, the phoenix had killed them

The phoenix showed no mercy Everything that came into contact with it vaporized and vanished into thin air

Even Ronald and Dustin were forced to separate from their fierce fight. They had to run for their lives

After tearing through the area, the phoenix exploded with a thunderous roar

It transformed into a powerful hurricane and destroyed half of the forest. The nearby birds were startled and flew in panic.

Once things settled down, a long, deep, lifeless ravine stretched out before them. That was where the black phoenix had went through

Meanwhile, of the hundreds of martial artists present earlier, only half remained. They were left shivering on the ground, afraid.

The phoenix’s power was truly astonishing‘

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