Chapter 1006

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Chapter 1006

“Oh? And what’s with the Celestial Pearl?” Ronald looked back. He was confused.

“Uncle Reeds, we had risked our lives to get the pearl. It belongs to us, to begin with. They’re the ones who want to snatch it from us!” Abigail explained.

“Nonsense! We’re doing this for the martial world! Unlike you, who are only after personal gain,” Theodore said righteously.

“Sir Reeds, they harbor ulterior motives! Look at how selfish they are! They don’t even care about the alliance. They should be severely punished!” Graham added.

“Those who connect with evil entities certainly don’t have a clean mind,” Orson remarked.

At this moment, the three grandmasters had abandoned their earlier aggressive stance. They pretended to be righteous in front of Ronald.

“What a bunch of hypocrites! Stop throwing mud at us!” Abigail was annoyed.

It was clearly them who wanted to seize the pearl, yet they had the nerve to speak with such righteousness!

“They’re distorting facts!” she muttered inwardly.

“Enough!” Ronald raised his hand to stop their argument.

“Who have the Celestial Pearl now?” he asked coldly.

“It’s inside my dad’s stomach.”

Abigail continued to explain, “My dad was gravely poisoned while trying to save them. These monsters knew he needed the pearl to treat the poison. And yet, they still insisted on taking it from us.

“They didn’t care about my dad’s condition! They are truly heartless!”

Ronald’s expression darkened. “Is that so?”

“Sir Reeds, the Celestial Pearl is a sacred relic of the martial world. We’re just worried that it might be desecrated by Michael!” Theodore argued.

“That’s right! The pearl will be ruined if it gets contaminated by the poison in Michael’s body,”

“Shut up!” Ronald shouted.

“The pearl is indeed important, but it’s nothing compared to Michael’s life. You are all prominent figures in the martial world. How can you do something like this?”

He warned, “Get out of my sight right now! Or face my wrath!”

“Sir Reeds…”

“Do I have to repeat myself?”

Theodore wanted to say something. However, he fell into silence in an instant. Ronald had shot a sharp glare at him.

Among the five ultimate grandmasters of Balerno, Ronald was the strongest.

Theodore and the rest couldn’t even defeat Michael when they teamed up, let alone take down Ronald. Although they were dissatisfied, they had no choice but to swallow their displeasure.

“Let’s leave!” Theodore frowned and stepped away from the place.

“Damn! What bad luck!” Graham gritted his teeth and left with the disciples of the Soul Reapers.

“I hope that you can repress the evil relic for the betterment of the people. I’ll be taking my leave now.” Orson bowed slightly and walked away.

Although the three of them had their own motives, they dared not play any tricks in front of Ronald.

“Let’s go. There’s nothing more to watch.”

“My trip here has gone in vain! I didn’t even manage to get anything!”

“Stop whining. We’re already lucky enough to survive the miasma earlier.”

Soon, the rest of the martial artists dispersed.

After most of them had left, Ronald turned around and helped Michael up.

“Michael, are you okay? Can you hold on?” he asked with concern.

“I’m fine. It’s just poison. I’ll recover in a few days.” Michael shook his head.

“Stop putting on a front, Mr. Robinson. Song of Hell is not easy to detoxify. If it wasn’t because of the pearl, I might not have been able to save you,” Dustin said solemnly.

Each of the top ten deadliest poisons was extremely terrifying. Even grandmasters would have a hard time withstanding it.

They were lucky to have the pearl to ward off the disaster.

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