Chapter 1005

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Upon entering Michael’s mouth, the Celestial Pearl emitted a brilliant golden light. Then, it moved into his abdomen.

The pearl began to spin wildly, removing the poison from his body.

“It’s working!” Dustin was delighted.

With the help of the pearl, Michael should be able to pull it through.

“Hand over the Celestial Pearl, Michael!” Theodore demanded after coming to his senses. His face was full of greed.

“How can you swallow such a priceless treasure? Spit it out right now! Or we won’t show you mercy!” Graham fixed his eyes on him intently.

“That is an evil relic. Don’t be bewitched by it, Sir Robinson!” Orson also couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He began to walk closer to them.

“Stop right there!” Abigail blocked their way.

She spat, “My dad is severely poisoned now. We need the pearl to save his life. Do not interfere!”

“Hmph! He’s already at death’s door. It’s a waste letting him have the pearl!” Theodore was growing impatient.

“And you call yourself a human? My dad ended up like this to save you guys! Are you going to turn on the person who helped you?”

“Get your facts straight. We didn’t ask for his help. He took it upon himself to do it.”

“How shameless!” Abigail furrowed her brow in anger.

She had thought such seniors would hold onto the moral principles of the martial world. However, it turned out that they were just a bunch of shameless people.

“Cut the crap! If you don’t hand over the Celestial Pearl, then prepare to die!” Theodore shouted.

“Sir Crane, this young woman is Michael’s daughter. She must be important to him, so let’s hold her hostage first!” Graham snorted and lunged forward to catch Abigail.

As long as they got hold of Michael’s weakness, Michael would have to listen to them. That was

“Impudence!” Right then, a stern voice came through.

A figure suddenly descended from above and stood in front of Abigail. Then, he blocked Graham’s attack.

A loud bang resounded.

Graham was pushed back several feet away. Blood trickled from the corners of his lips, and his face turned pale.

On the contrary, the figure stood firm. He didn’t seem to have suffered any injury.

That person was none other than Ronald, the leader of Balerno martial arts.

“Ronald?” Graham’s expression changed at once upon seeing who it was. Even Theodore and Orson couldn’t help but frown.

None of the ultimate grandmasters of Balerno dared claim to be stronger than Ronald. He became the leader of the martial arts alliance because of his formidable strength.

“Ronald, you’re finally here.” Michael slowly opened his eyes. He seemed relieved.

They were close friends and had faced tough times together. At the moment, Ronald had the power to take complete control of the situation.

“What’s wrong, Micheal? Did you get poisoned?” Ronald frowned. He looked a little worried.

“Don’t worry. I’m still far from dying.” Michael shook his head. “But I might need your help to drive these people away.”

“Leave it to me.” Ronald nodded.

His gaze landed on Theodore and the other two men. “You are grandmaster martial artists! Aren’t you ashamed of attacking someone of the younger generation?”

“Sir Reeds, Michael has taken the sacred relic that belongs to the martial world. It’s our duty to retrieve it for the alliance’s benefit!” Theodore said firmly.

“That’s right! We’re doing this for the future of the alliance. We hope that you can see the bigger picture, Sir Reeds!” Graham echoed.

They were well aware that fighting with Ronald would be futile. Hence, they decided to claim the

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