Chapter 1004

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“The black fog has been sucked away!”

“This is great! We are safe!”

“As expected of Sir Robinson!”

When everyone saw the miasma being drawn away, their spirits were instantly lifted. They had thought they were going to die.

Fortunately, Michael had saved them. He had used his immense power to absorb all the poisonous miasma.

They were no longer in danger!

It didn’t take long for the surrounding black fog to slowly disappear.

“It’s gone! The black fog is gone!”

The crowd was filled with joy. They were glad to have survived the disaster.

In stark contrast, Michael underwent a rapid transformation upon absorbing the miasma. His entire body darkened from head to toe. Even his nails turned black.

The poison had spread across his body.

In the end, Michael couldn’t take it anymore. He coughed out a mouthful of black blood and fell from above.

“Dad!” Just as Abigail wanted to step forward to catch him, Dustin stopped her.

“I’ll do it,” he said and quickly leaped into the air.

Dustin caught Michael in his arms and gracefully descended to the ground.

Michael was weak, and his breathing was erratic. The poison of Song of Hell was attacking his body.

If it weren’t for his strong cultivation foundation, he would have been dead by now.

Still, Michael’s current condition wasn’t ideal. The poison had entered his internal organs. It was causing significant damage to his foundation.

“Sir! How is my dad?” Abigail rushed over, her face filled with worry.

“Stay back! Your dad is filled with poison now!” Dustin held up his hand, Abigail stopped a few feet away from them.

After that, Dustin took out his silver needles. He closed Michael’s eight extraordinary meridians to stop the poison from spreading.

Next, he made a small cut on Michael’s finger, letting the blood flow out to detoxify his body.

Surprisingly, his blood was black.

“It’s not enough.”

Dustin frowned. Right then, he slapped his palms against Michael’s back. He infused him with his internal energy to cleanse the poison.

As the energy passed through Michael’s body, the black blood flowed out even more heavily.

When it dripped to the ground, it sizzled and swirled into a black smoke.

The other martial artists quickly distanced themselves. They were scared of being infected by the poison.

“Abigail, give me the Celestial Pearl!” Dustin called.

“Okay!” Abigail didn’t hesitate. She immediately tossed the golden pearl to him.

“It’s the Celestial Pearl!”

Seeing that, the others‘ eyes lit up, especially Theodore, Graham, and Orson.

They had been curious about the pearl. Now that they had seen it with their eyes, it felt entirely different.

“Let’s hope for the best.” Dustin regained his composure. He immediately put the pearl into Michael’s mouth.

The Celestial Pearl could absorb the spiritual energy of the universe and convert it for personal use.

Song of Hell also had spiritual energy. So, the pearl should be able to detoxify the toxin in Michael’s body.

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