Chapter 1007

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“Michael, you haven’t changed a bit. You only ever show your good side to people. Look at you, you look like you’ll collapse at any moment. And yet, you still pretend like everything is okay,” Ronald said helplessly.

“I heard that you’ve swallowed the Celestial Pearl. Can your body handle it?” he asked.

“Don’t worry, Sir Reeds. The pearl is a sacred relic. It won’t harm Mr. Robinson’s body and will

absorb the poison inside. It’ll also help him increase his cultivation level,” Dustin explained.

“Oh, really?” Ronald raised his brows slightly and chuckled.

“A blessing in disguise. Don’t you think so, Michael? With this pearl, you’ll have a chance to break through the ultimate grandmaster level.”

“Let’s just leave it to fate.” Michael shook his head.

He said, “The pearl is a valuable treasure. It’s bound to attract a lot of attention. It might bring us quite a bit of trouble in the future.”

“Rest assured, Michael. As long as I’m here, no one can take the pearl away.” Ronald was confident.

Micheal laughed. “Are you going to protect me 24/7?”

“No, you’ve misunderstood. It’s not you that I’m protecting, but the pearl.”

All of a sudden, Ronald thrust his hand into Michael’s abdomen. He forcefully took out the golden pearl in his stomach.

His hand was covered in blood and bits of internal organs.


Everyone was stunned. Their eyes widened in disbelief.

Ronald had been chatting happily with Michael just moments ago. None of them had expected

him to attack Michael and rip open his abdomen.

It was such a cruel move!

Looking at the sinister smile on Ronald’s face, Michael was baffled.

Years ago, Michael had saved Ronald when he was in danger. They had become as close as brothers since then.

They set out on the path of the martial world together, forging a formidable reputation.

Michael knew the dangers of the martial world and how unpredictable humans were. However, never once had he suspected Ronald. After all, they shared a deep bond!

“W–Why?” Michael fixed his eyes on Ronald intently. He paid no attention to the large wound on his abdomen.

“I’m sorry, Michael. I’ve wanted the Celestial Pearl for a long time now. I never thought that it’d end up inside you. I have no other choice,” Ronald said bluntly.

He never thought of taking Michael’s life. However, Michael somehow ended up swallowing the treasure.

Ronald had no choice but to kill him to get the pearl.

“You could have just told me that you wanted the pearl. I would’ve given it to you without hesitation. Why did you have to do this?” Michael was in disbelief.

Was their friendship less valuable than the pearl?

“Give it to me without hesitation?” Ronald snorted.

“Michael, do you think I’m a kid? The Celestial Pearl is a sacred relic of the martial world.

“It’s also the main element we need to break through the ultimate grandmaster level. How could you possibly give such a precious item to me?

“The pearl is nowhere as important as our bond. I just don’t understand why,” Michael said bitterly while touching the wound on his abdomen.

Indeed, humans would change over time. Back then, Ronald was an upright man. He hated evil.

After years of not seeing him, Michael never expected Ronald to change so much.

“Michael, I want to be the most respected person in the martial world. I want everyone to bow

down to me! Whoever blocks my path will have to die!”

As soon as Ronald finished speaking, he slapped Michael’s chest.

Michael was sent flying several feet away.

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