Chapter 1008 

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Chapter 1008

With a loud thump, Michael fell to the ground heavily. Blood oozed out of his nose and mouth in an instant as the color drained from his face.

“Dad!” Abigail shouted, shocked. She quickly ran to her father.

“Ronald, are you crazy?” Dustin’s gaze was murderous.

He always thought that Ronald was an upright person. He held great respect in the martial world. It had never occurred to him that Ronald was actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“Crazy?” Ronald suddenly laughed.

“Do you know how much effort I’ve put in just to get the Celestial Pearl? I first made use of Paul.

“I spread the news of his death to lead the disciples of Jade Maiden Sisterhood to Balerno. After that, I let you guys have the Jade Maiden Scripture that had the map.”

“Everything went according to plan. In short, you’re nothing more than my pawns. With you barging into the tomb one after another, Iris‘ attention could be diverted. And from that diversion, I could seize the chance to get the pearl.”

“My efforts didn’t go in vain. After so long, I’ve finally achieved my goal! Now that I have the sacred relic in my hands, I’ll be able to break through the ultimate grandmaster level. I will be the leader of the entire martial world! Everyone will have to listen to me!”

Ronald could finally bid goodbye to his facade.

“So you’re the mastermind?”

Dustin clenched his fists tightly, glaring at Ronald. “You killed Sir Paul and pinned it on me! You poisoned the antidote and released Spring! You’re also the one behind Natasha’s disappearance!”

“That’s right!” Ronald laughed.

“In fact, I also caused the Song of Hell earlier. I wanted to get rid of all of you so that no one would know I had the pearl.

“But I never thought Michael would be so dumb to absorb the black fog into his body. So, I could, only show up personally in the end. Now, any last words?”

Since the truth had been revealed, they were all doomed to die.

“No wonder I’ve been feeling that someone has been secretly pulling the strings. So it was you all along.” Azalea was frightened. She took several steps to the back.

Her intuition was right.

“Ronald, die!” Dustin shouted.

He stomped and lunged forward at lightning speed. His body was enveloped in a beam of white light.

Ronald sneered. “You’re overestimating yourself!”

Then, he faced the attack head–on as a black light formed around him.

None of them appeared to be weaker. In the end, the black and white lights fiercely collided against each other. It sent tremors to the surroundings.

An aggressive wave of force surged out from their collision. It swept across the area in all directions, annihilating everything in its path.

It stirred up a howling gale, sending sand and stones scattering everywhere.

The martial artists, who hadn’t gone far, stopped walking and turned around.

“Eh, it sounds like a fight is going on!”

“Huh? Hasn’t it ended? Or has another treasure emerged?”

“Something must be happening over there. Let’s go and have a look!”

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