Chapter 1009

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The martial artists immediately headed over to the source.

“It looks like it isn’t over yet.”

After exchanging a glance, Theodore, Graham, and Orson also turned around. They led their respective groups back.

They were shocked to see Ronald and Dustin engaging in a fierce fight when they arrived.

Their attacks were intense, and neither seemed to be going easy on the other.

What was going on?

Weren’t they on the same side?

Why were they in a fight?

The crowd was confused.

“Help!” Right then, a pleading voice came through from a distance.

When they looked over, they saw Abigail crying her eyes out. Laying in her arms was Michael. He was severely injured.

Seeing that there was no response from them, Abigail kneeled on the ground.

She frantically pleaded, “Please! Help me save my dad, please!”

Michael was pale. Blood was still flowing from his abdomen, nose, and mouth. He looked like he was on the verge of death.

However, the martial artists remained unfazed.

Only Azalea tried to save Michael. She infused him with some of her true energy. However, it was of no help.

“Listen up, members of the alliance!” All of a sudden, Ronald’s imposing voice pierced the air.

“Michael has been led astray by the malevolent energy within him. He must be eliminated! Those who can rid us of this threat will be generously rewarded!”

That instantly stirred up the crowd.

“What? Michael has been led astray? Does it have anything to do with the miasma earlier?”

“Since Sir Reeds has said so, it must be right! If we don’t kill him, it will only bring us trouble in the future.”

“Yes! It’s our obligation to get rid of evil. We can’t let him go!”

Soon, everyone drew out their swords. They looked like they were about to uphold justice.

“Ronald is talking nonsense!” Abigail retorted with a shrill voice. “He attacked my dad to get the pearl!”

“Outrageous! How dare you slander me when you are in the wrong?” Ronald’s commanding voice resounded again.

“Heed my command! Get rid of this group of evil people. Whoever succeeds in eliminating them will receive my lifetime of knowledge. You will also be appointed as an elder of the martial arts alliance!”

“Lifetime of knowledge?”

“Appointed as an elder of the alliance?”

As soon as they heard that, the martial artists could no longer stay composed. Their eyes were instantly filled with greed.

The chance to gain a lifetime of knowledge from Ronald was more valuable than any treasure. Plus, the role of an alliance elder could raise their status. They would be famous throughout Balerno.

The rewards were too tempting. Driven by self–interest, the martial artists gradually closed in on Abigail and Michael.

Whoever was right or wrong no longer mattered. As long as they could kill Michael and the rest, they would be able to find a place in the sun.

“Don’t believe him! He’s lying! My dad wasn’t led astray, and we’re not evil!” Abigail was getting anxious.

She didn’t expect Ronald to be so despicable! He had completely twisted the facts.

“Kill them!”

“Kill the evil and uphold justice!”

But the martial artists had no intention of listening to her explanation. They charged toward her without hesitation.

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