My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 39

As Athena concluded her statement, a brief silence fell over the audience.

Gideon lowered his gaze, struggling to suppress a chuckle. “Your words are quite logical, Miss Newton.”

“What do you mean? You’re not interested in talking to us, huh?” The leading villager suddenly stood up, slamming his hand on the table once again.

Carlos quickly intervened, urging, “Everyone, please calm down!”

Turning to Athena, Carlos suggested, “Miss Newton, we really need to approach this matter cautiously. Reacting impulsively won’t help. The company would suffer if there’s a delay in the construction timeline.”

Athena looked at Carlos with a puzzled expression. “Impulsive? Mr. Butler, I’m merely stating the facts. Is there something incorrect about what I said?”

Carlos found himself at a loss for words.

He felt deeply uncomfortable being overshadowed by a woman.

Carlos glanced at Gideon and pondered, “Theoretically, someone surnamed Hale should hold a higher rank. Why would he let this woman stir up trouble?”

“Mr. Hale, you both came here to resolve the issue, right? You wouldn’t allow Miss Newton to create a mess, would you?” Carlos said, appealing to Gideon.

Gideon glanced at him and sighed. “Miss Newton represents the CEO, and her words hold the CEO’s authority.”

Carlos was left unsure how to respond.

Meanwhile, Athena remained composed, seemingly enjoying the theatrics that were unfolding before her.

Carlos clenched his teeth, turned to the villagers, and said, “Everyone, you’ve heard it clearly. Miss Newton and I have different statuses. She represents the CEO and has the full authority to make decisions here. Don’t hesitate. If you have any requests, let them be known!”

This was the plan they had discussed earlier. With Carlos’s announcement, they could now start discussing financial matters.

“We understand that your project is already at an advanced stage, and relocation would result in substantial losses. How about 200 million dollars? We’ll agree to move the graves,” the leading man stated, holding up two fingers.

“200 million dollars?” Gideon was taken aback.

Arms crossed, the man acted as though they were making a generous offer. “Relocation would cost you more than 200 million dollars anyway. Our village has many residents, and we’d all be affected by moving our ancestors’ graves. Losing money is a minor concern. If we fall ill, that money could be vital for saving our lives.”

“Absolutely! 200 million dollars is a reasonable sum!”

“We’re showing mercy here. We’ve staked the entire village’s well-being to help you avoid losing over a billion dollars. Don’t be ungrateful!”

The room erupted in uproar.

Yet, Athena remained unfazed, allowing the agitated crowd to carry on.

Gideon had a hunch that Athena might have a solution to the issue at hand.

He recalled the phone call from Byron the previous night.

He simply stayed by Athena’s side, waiting patiently while the group continued to create a commotion.

Despite their uproar, those people weren’t getting any response.

Gradually, they quieted down and exchanged glances.

Carlos’s patience wore thin. “Mr. Hale, Miss Newton, what’s the meaning of this? They’re willing to settle. Even if you’re not satisfied, you should communicate, right? What’s the point of saying nothing?”

Athena smiled at Carlos and calmly said, “Just wait.”

Seeing Athena for the first time, Carlos felt a stir of restlessness in his heart.

He had never encountered such a stunning woman with an impeccable figure.

However, knowing that she was Byron’s woman, he dared not make any advances.

Rumors from Girard City had circulated before her arrival, suggesting that Byron had broken up with her.

Despite that, she maintained an air of arrogance even without a protector.

Carlos gazed at her and thought, “Once this matter is resolved, I must have this woman, the CEO’s secretary.”

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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