My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 40

As his excitement peaked, Carlos stated, “Alright, take your time to think about it.”

However, before anyone could react, Carlos’ phone rang.

He glanced at the incoming call and saw that it was from his home.

Athena smiled and advised, “You should take the call.”

Confused, Carlos wondered, “It’s a call from my home. What does it have to do with her whether I take it or not?”

Nevertheless, he answered the call, maintaining a smile on his face.

But as soon as he spoke, a panicked voice echoed from the other end of the line, “Darling, our car was smashed, and our son is missing!”

Carlos nearly jumped out of his skin. “What?” He exclaimed, taken aback.

“What do we do?” The woman on the line was sobbing inconsolably.

In that moment, Carlos thought of Athena.

He looked at the seemingly delicate woman before him in astonishment and questioned, “Miss Newton, was that you?”

Athena grinned brightly. “Well, Mr. Butler, can we put an end to the charade now? Let’s have an honest conversation!”

Carlos ended the call abruptly, unable to maintain the flattering expression on his face any longer.

“Why did you involve my family? We’re on the same side, aren’t we?” Carlos’s anger erupted in a roar.

The villagers stared blankly, unsure how to react to this sudden turn of events. They were clearly caught off guard.

Athena tilted her head slightly and remarked, “Feel free to speculate.”

Carlos suddenly pieced something together and shouted, “I didn’t smash your car! You’ve got the wrong person!”

Gideon raised an eyebrow at Carlos’s sudden outburst.

Athena chuckled. “It’s curious. How did you know about my car being damaged, Mr. Butler? I don’t recall mentioning it to you.”

Carlos froze in place.

His reaction had given away his knowledge of Athena’s situation, something he shouldn’t have known.

Frustration and anxiety had gotten the best of Carlos, especially when it came to his son. His emotions had overridden his reason, leading to his unintended admission.

Standing still, Carlos felt as though he had plunged into icy water in the midst of winter.

“Mr. Butler, do you genuinely believe that Mr. Hale and I came here just to hand you money?” Athena’s voice resonated with authority.

Her presence was commanding.

Carlos took a deep breath and, with a stern tone, ordered, “Leave.”

“But what about the money…” one of the villagers protested.

Carlos lost his patience and thundered, “Get out!”

The group hurriedly filed out, leaving only Carlos, Gideon, and Athena in the conference room.

Carlos sank into a chair and said, “Miss Newton, Mr. Hale, it appears you two have come prepared. So, what have you discovered?”

Athena’s tone remained casual as she responded, “Mr. Butler, this is a substantial project. If you follow standard procedures, your profits would be substantial enough. Your greed has clouded your judgment.”

“Miss Newton, it’s not that I wanted to be greedy. I was forced into this situation!” Carlos broke into tears as he continued, “It’s Arlan. He has something on me and always threatens to harm my son. I had no choice. I genuinely didn’t have a choice.”

“Arlan?” Gideon queried.

Carlos wiped away his tears. “Yes, Arlan! I’m aware that there’s no actual need for cemeteries. Arlan deliberately stirred up trouble to extort money. Initially, he demanded a billion dollars. I begged him for a long time before he agreed to settle for at least 200 million dollars.”

“Is this true?” Athena asked.

“It’s the truth!” Carlos asserted.

“I’ll have to confirm this with Arlan, then.” Athena tapped her fingers on the table.

Carlos was taken aback and inwardly sneered, “Ha! She thinks she’s found something and is already acting all righteous. She wants to interrogate Arlan!”

Just then, the door swung open abruptly.

“Carlos, something’s happened to Arlan!”

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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