My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 35


The ICU room held an air of spaciousness, and a sofa was thoughtfully placed by the window. There, Byron found a moment of respite, attending to tasks he had left untouched during the day. The soft pitter-patter of rain echoed outside.

Not long after Byron’s arrival, Lola made her exit, followed by Jones, who tactfully stepped out as well. Now, only Byron and Heather remained within the ward.

“Byron, you don’t have to stay if you’re feeling bored. I’ll be fine,” Heather offered considerately.

“It’s alright. Just rest,” Byron replied, his gaze still fixed on his work.

Upon finishing his tasks, Byron found himself inexplicably drawn to Athena’s WhatsApp. In the past, Athena would invariably message him whenever he embarked on a solo flight, checking on his well-being. Yet this time, there was no such message.

A tinge of sadness gripped Byron’s heart as he scrolled through Athena’s recent posts. Her profile background showcased a fluffy kitten, an unfamiliar addition. Byron was unaware of when she had acquired the pet.

As he continued scrolling, he stumbled upon Athena’s latest post, shared three hours prior. It depicted a street in Salin City, autumn leaves adorning the pavement, and a cat playfully rolling among them. The caption read: “[A happy kitten].”

The comment section buzzed with activity, predominantly from Athena’s colleagues at the Office of the President. Their expressions of longing were evident: “[Love you, Miss Newton. I miss you so much.]” Athena’s reply was succinct: “[Love you too.]”

Byron was taken aback. He was struck by the realization that Athena had never sent him a selfie.

“Why not post a selfie?” he queried.

Athena’s response further puzzled him: “[Sent it to you.]”

Byron’s brows furrowed. He had never received any selfie from her.

Perusing the comments further, he encountered one that read: “[Hope I can be Miss Newton’s kitten in my next life!]” Athena’s reply was a simple kitten emoji.

Finding himself oddly moved, Byron clicked the “like” button beneath the picture. He progressed to Athena’s other posts, noting her sparse sharing habits.

The next post dated back three months and featured a small cake. Its caption read: “[One year older.]” Byron’s forehead creased.

Athena’s birthday was in August, yet he couldn’t recall the precise date. Each year, he would send her a check and encourage her to buy something she desired. For reasons unknown, the sight of the modest cake left him uneasy.

The subsequent post, from the end of April, included a series of nine pictures. These showcased a gray sky, a grocery store, stone steps, rose bushes, a quaint alley, a small bench, and most notably, two hands intertwined. A single old photograph depicted Romy and Athena, their hands reflecting their age disparity. An older couple and a woman resembling Athena were captured in another image. Among them stood a young girl, exuding an infectious smile, wearing a floral skirt and twin pigtails.

Byron deduced that this was a cherished family photo. The caption struck a chord: “[Miss you.]”

A sense of understanding washed over him. Athena’s absence from Girard City around this time likely meant she was visiting her family.

As Byron perused the comments, he noted a conspicuous absence. None of Athena’s colleagues from the Office of the President had interacted with this particular post, an anomaly compared to their usual engagement.

Just as Byron’s thoughts were piecing together the puzzle, Heather’s soft snort drew his attention. She was stirring from her hospital bed.

“What’s the matter?” Byron pocketed his phone, walking over with a concerned expression.

Heather appeared a bit disoriented. “I should lie back down. I’ll fetch you some water.” Byron moved to the water dispenser, filling a glass.

However, Heather hesitated by the bedside, her voice wavering as she spoke, “Byron, can you tell me more about Miss Newton?”

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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