Chapter 976

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“How is that possible?”

Seeing all the disciples of Azure Mist lying on the ground and throwing up blood, Emily

and Vanessa exchanged looks of horror.

They had been standing at the back of the group, so they had not rushed up in time to help


What they saw was terrifying. More than ten elite disciples of Azure Mist were sent flying

by a single slash of Magnus‘ sword.

His strength was horrifying!

“How dare you bunch of trash attempt to challenge me? You’re just wasting your efforts!”

Magnus pointed at them with his sword. He was looking down on them.

He had only engaged in Nathan’s challenge for fun. Now that he had his fun, it was time he ended things.

“As expected of Magnus. His skills are out of this world!”

“Hah! How dare a second–grade guild go against us? They were asking for it!”

The Skycrane disciples laughed among themselves. The treasure was theirs now that they

had defeated the Azure Mist.

“Magnus! Those girls with them are beautiful!

“It’d be a pity to kill them just like that. Why don’t we have some fun with them first?”

One of the disciples of Skycrane pointed at Emily with a wicked smile.

“Oh?” Magnus looked over and nodded enthusiastically.

“Not bad. They do look fine indeed.

“If you want to have fun with them, you better hurry. Don’t waste too much time.”

“Hehe! Thank you, Magnus!” The Skycrane disciples were excited.

Their eyes lit up.

“Emily, run! I’ll hold them back!”


Seeing that things weren’t good for them, Nathan clenched his jaws and forced himself up.

He knew that if his sister fell into their hands, her life would be a living hell. Those monsters were inhumane.

“If we die, we’re going to die together! I can’t leave you behind!” Emily slowly lifted her sword.

She looked like she was ready to fight them.

“Stop putting on a brave front! Run while you can!” Nathan yelled at her.

He would give his life to ensure that his sister was safe.

“Vanessa! Lead Dustin and the rest of them out of here.

“Leave this to me!” Emily stood firm, determined.

“Emily! No! I’m not leaving! I’m staying back with you!”

Vanessa had tears in her eyes. Though she was afraid, she did not back off.

“Don’t be silly! You aren’t of any help here! Get Master Chasey!

“I’ll hold these people back. If Master Chasey gets here in time, we still have hope!” Emily told her.

“Emily…” Vanessa seemed helpless as she looked at Emily with teary eyes.

She knew that if she left now, she might never see them again.

“Don’t just stand there! Quick! Run before it’s too late!” Emily urged her frantically.

She had to get all of them to leave. That was better than them staying back and none of them surviving.

“I’ll do it.”

Just as Vanessa was stuck in a dilemma, Dustin stood forward. “Be it Skycrane or whatnot,

I’ll handle them.”

Emily and Vanessa had treated him well. He wasn’t going to watch them sacrifice


“Hey, what are you talking about? I can’t even handle them!

“How are you going to fight against them?” Nathan asked rudely.


“Dustin, do not try to act tough now! Run for your life! There’s no point risking it!” Emily frowned.

That was Magnus Sheaves they were talking about! The lead disciple of Skycrane and a genius swordmaster from Yuston!

Even Nathan had been defeated so easily; what more, a small fry like Dustin?

“Don’t worry. They’re no match for me,” Dustin assured calmly.

At that, the Skycrane disciples stared at Dustin in disbelief before bursting into laughter.

“Hey, bastard. Do you have any idea what you’re saying? Do you think you’re on the same level as us?”

“Oh! I remember now! This is the idiot from the restaurant yesterday!”

“Haha! You were lucky enough to get away yesterday. You’re not going to get lucky a second time!”

The Skycrane disciples snickered, looking at Dustin like he was a moron.

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