Chapter 975

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“Nathan won’t hold up for much longer.” Dustin could finally hold it in no more.

But what was meant as a warning received a lot of retorts from the Azure Mist disciples.

“That’s nonsense! Nathan is extremely skilled, and his swordsmanship is incredible! How could he possibly be defeated?”

“Exactly! Please look closely! Nathan is winning!”

“Hmph! Why are you on the opponent’s side and belittling Nathan? If you don’t know what’s happening, keep your nonsense to yourself!”

They shouted at Dustin.

Everyone could see that Nathan was overpowering Magnus! It wouldn’t take much longer

for him to win the battle!

But not only was Dustin not cheering Nathan on, he was even belittling him? How


“You probably don’t know Nathan well, Dustin.

Vanessa proudly explained, “Nathan’s so skillful that he’s considered one of the top three in the younger generation of Lester martial artists.

“He’s earned himself the nickname of the Little Dragon and has defeated many reputable martial artists. It shouldn’t be a tough battle going against Magnus.”

“That’s right! You should watch and learn! See how Nathan defeats him!”

The disciples of Azure Mist held their heads high. They were confident.

Dustin shook his head, not saying much. These people were too blind to see what was

going on.

As time went on, the fight got intense. Nathan started to falter. Sweat formed on his brows

as he panted heavily.

“Azure Blade!” Nathan gritted his teeth and used his trump card.

He swung his blade even faster. For a moment, there was a flash from his sword.

The air around him swirled and sent sand and dust flying. The flash from his sword


“Look! Nathan’s using his best move!”

“Haha! Azure Blade will certainly defeat Magnus!”

“Keep your eyes open, Rhys! See for yourself just how powerful Nathan is!”

The disciples of Azure Mist were so excited, as if Nathan had already won.

But as their voices died down, they heard a scream.

Magnus had stabbed Nathan in the stomach and sent him flying. Nathan threw up blood

and lay on the ground, too weak to get up.

“Nathan?” The Azure Mist disciples were all scared and shocked by what they saw.

Didn’t Nathan have the upper hand just now? How did he suddenly get defeated? What

was going on?

“You… you deflected my move?” Nathan’s eyes widened in disbelief.

He had not expected Magnus to break through his most powerful move so easily.

“Hmph! I was just playing with you. Do you think you’re all that great?”

Sneering, Magnus looked at him in contempt. “At your level, you aren’t even fit to carry my


“You-!” Nathan glared at Magnus as he threw up more blood.

“Since you’ve lost, it’s time you go to hell!” Magnus whipped his sword and charged


“Hold it right there!”

“Protect Nathan!”

The disciples of Azure Mist rushed forward at the sight.

“You’re too full of yourself!” Magnus scoffed as he slashed his sword in an arc.

A blinding flash of light sparked from his sword and swept toward the Azure Mist

disciples like a giant sickle.

They were taken aback and raised their swords to deflect the blow.

All the Azure Mist disciples were sent flying with blood spewing out their mouths. None

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