Chapter 974

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Drake’s head fell to the ground with a thud.

Everyone was shocked. No one had expected Magnus to pull such a dirty trick.

He was smiling and agreeing to an alliance just seconds ago. But now, he had chopped Drake’s head off. He was plain evil!

“Drake!” After they got over the shock, the Ironfists disciples were angered.

Before they could even react, the Skycrane disciples began attacking. Following their shrieks, most of the Ironfists disciples were defeated within seconds.

As for the remaining, Magnus and his men surrounded and killed them off. They did not stand a chance against Magnus.

The Azure Mist had their guards up when they saw how ruthless the Skycrane disciples were. They pulled their swords out, waiting to see what they would do next.

“Magnus! I never thought you’d be so despicable to attack someone sneakily!” Nathan’s brows furrowed.

Skycrane was supposed to be a decent guild. How could Magnus resort to such

underhanded tactics?

It was shameless!

“Haha! What does it have to do with you? As long as I laugh till the end, who cares what I do?” Magnus sneered, not feeling ashamed at all.

He seemed proud of himself.

The martial world followed the rule of the survival of the fittest. Killing a few men to get his hands on the treasure meant nothing to him.

“Hah! Do you think you’ll remain victorious till the end?

“Don’t forget, I’m still here!” Nathan shouted at him.

“You?” Magnus looked at him in disdain.

“Who do you think you are? You are simply the lead disciple of a second–grade guild.

“How dare you challenge me?”


“You arrogant bastard!”

“How dare you look down on Nathan? You better watch your back!”

The Azure Mist disciples were angry when they heard what Magnus said.

Skycrane might be powerful, but the Azure Mist wasn’t to be messed with either.

Besides, with Nathan there, they had a chance of winning.

“Don’t be so proud, Sheaves! If you have the guts, fight me one–on–one.

“I’ll show you how I can beat you up!” Nathan shouted.

“A one–to–one fight? Sure. I’d like to see what you’re capable of.” Magnus smirked and gestured at Nathan to make the first move.

He had sneaked an attack on Drake because he was scared of him. But he was not afraid of

Nathan and the rest of them.

“All of you, stand back! I’ll teach him a lesson!” Nathan declared confidently.

“Be careful, Nathan! Magnus is very skilled. You shouldn’t be rash!” Emily warned.

“Don’t worry. He won’t be able to pull any of his dirty tricks with me here. Just wait and


“I’ll defeat him within 100 moves!” Nathan was full of confidence.

He might not be able to beat Magnus in a group fight. But he had never backed out of a one-

on–one fight.

“Cut the crap! Here I come!” Magnus didn’t bother to continue chatting.

He raised his sword and charged forward. He moved with incredible speed and attacked

from an unpredictable direction.

“Another sneak attack? Shame on you!”

But Nathan was prepared for it. Wielding his sword, he leaped forward.

A fierce battle ensued.

They were both expert martial artists who had reached the divine–level. They were both also the eldest disciple of their respective guilds.

They had the best training resources and also learned directly from their masters.


The outcome of their battle was not only a matter of who would win. It was a matter of

their respective guilds‘ reputation, as well as a matter of life and death.

So, neither of them backed down. They both gave it their all, each attack aiming to kill

their opponent.

Magnus‘ sword danced about swiftly and mercilessly. His swordsmanship was

exceptional, and every move was unpredictable.

His incredible footwork made it hard to keep up with.

Nathan’s techniques were powerful, and it was clear that he had a solid foundation. He

looked like a strong opponent when he swung his sword around him.

But though he looked mighty, it was only a matter of time before he was defeated.

A series of metallic clangs sounded as Nathan slashed wildly. As he gradually lost his

patience, his attacks got more forceful.

On the other hand, Magnus had a slight smirk. He blocked the attacks in stride, appearing

to be toying with Nathan.

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